Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 20/10/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 20/10/22
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But how beautiful it is Lavinia Mauro, excuse me? That is me with the close-ups that shot her during today’s episode of Men and women I looked at her really enchanted, I find her beautiful!

Gorgeous hair, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, very delicate complexion and an incredible and innate femininity in the movements, between her and Federica Aversano I really think that, in terms of beauty, this round of suitors has been really lucky.

I also liked that for a few minutes we talked about the anxiety problems that the tronista suffers from, including the case Bellavia to the Big Brother Vip and this allusion to panic / anxiety attacks a Men and womenI am happy that the topic of mental health is starting to be brought to popular programs (which at the end of the fair, let’s face it, are the ones that reach the greatest number of spectators) and that maybe we can slowly start to stop seeing the people who suffer from some ailment of this kind such as those whothey invent diseases‘or like those that’if they are sick because they do not lock themselves up at home or in a psychiatrist’s office‘.

The road is long, ignorance (EVEN MINE, I write it capitalized because I am the first to admit my lack of knowledge about it) is long, so every little crumb can make substance, here.

The external between the tronista and Alessio she was a nice outdoor, the boy managed to put on Lavinia at ease and the kiss seemed to me a good heartfelt kiss, of course we are at the beginning but I would say that for the moment the throne of Mauro has all the ingredients to work since the protagonists know all gnocchi (Alessio he is not my type but he is objectively a beautiful boy, Francis for me stupendous), there seems to be interest, we already have the proverbial dualism between the two suitors so, in short, net of all the criticisms I read towards the Classical throne I must say that, for different reasons, this round of thrones is not displeasing to me.

Then, of course, if you make a comparison with the old thrones of the past it is a merciless comparison but now the old Classical throne no longer exists, Men and women And the Throne overyoung people are simply an appendage of the nonny who are the real protagonists, and this must be acknowledged.

On the tarantella between Alexander, Ida, Roberta and the spirit of Riccardo that hovers in the studio even when he is physically absent, I think I have already said everything yesterday, I just add that to hear the plane tree repeat how much zero the interests of the Nearnesshow zero you feel for him and how zero she is interested in a story with him, makes me laugh hysterically when I think of all the news that has come out in the last few days.

The gentleman who goes out with Gemma Galgani he has an enviable patience because someone else in his place today would have taken the chair with Armando Incarnato above and would throw it at him Elios in Viterbo without going through the street.

Not only Armando he continues undeterred to be the columnist (with the approval of the presenter, alas), but in addition he has that provocative and arrogant way of approaching people that I really am amazed at how his interlocutors manage to keep calm.

What then, but IF EVEN a Roberto did not give a damn about Galgani (as if then Galgani gave a shit about someone who does not have the shape of a camera) and just wanted to exploit the situation to look at themselves on Channel 5 and be recognized by the baker, but it is Armando Incarnato the person who is in a position to lecture him? THAT IS HE? BUT REALLY? ARE WE SERIOUS?

Video of the episode: Full episode – Armando: “Alessandro now how do you go on?” – Roberta’s desperation – Ida: “Tonight I’m going out with Alessandro!” – Gemma and Paola: the exchange of words – Roberto and his choices – Maria: “Roberto nobody thinks you like Gemma!” – Lavinia: “My anxiety attacks …”

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