Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 27/10/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 27/10/22
Written by aquitodovale

No raga but still a Ida from Riccardo nothing matters anymore, huh. In fact she in today’s episode of Men and women she had just that classic coldness of a now disinterested ex.

When he heard that the Guarnieri And Roberta Di Padua during their exit they kissed, she remained still and impassive, the thing did not touch her in the least and indeed she was able to analyze everything rationally and with the total absence of any form of emotional involvement.

No, but look, I will now comment on the episode with irony and sarcasm because we are still talking about one of the most trashy programs on Italian TV, they have been giving us these theaters for years and consequently, as a spectator, I feel authorized to comment on them. lightly, however, regardless of everything, I must reiterate how insane and worrying I find the obsession that Ida has for Riccardohuh.

And don’t tell me she pretends because certain reactions are not pretended (she would be an actress, and judging by her attempts to mimic the dialect sure I would say she is not brought), she literally loses her mind when there is the Guarnieri in the middle, after the end of their story she was in therapy but it seems clear to me that that ‘knot’ is anything but resolved, and undoubtedly a context like Men and women it doesn’t help to turn the page. The toxicity level of their ‘bond’ is impressive, truly impressive, and regardless of everything I wish this woman to be able to break free from this morbid connection because being so dependent on another person is ugly, ugly, ugly.

Having said this, however, and moving on to comment on the episode itself, I AM FULL, FULL, EXCITING for the continuous double standards that reigns in this transmission and I am even more full of the PERENNIAL beatification of the plane tree.

Now, let’s face it, it is clear and obvious that the release of Riccardo And Roberta was a provocation, a real spite towards Ida And Alessandro Vicinanzabut because if the two of them make this provocation they have to put up with the sermon of Gianni Sperti (and also of Armando Incarnator … that is) about their falsity, while the plane tree who EXPRESSLY said NOT to try anything for Alexander he can still go out, to clearly spite a Roberta and take revenge for the pain it caused her in the past (cit), without anyone telling her na mazza? That is Ida can and the others not? How does it work?

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And worse I felt when Hope (of which I would like to check the family tree to understand if the indefinite defense of the plane tree is linked to relatives unknown to us or is a particular fetish of his) said a Roberta something like: “ah, you criticized Ida because she went out with more men in a few months and then kisses Riccardo when you quit the program with Alexander?“NO SORRY BUT REALLY? REALLY, GIANNI? But do you pretend you don’t understand or don’t you really understand?

I’ll explain in a simple way: no one has judged anyone because he is’out with many men‘, the criticism leveled at plane tree it stemmed from the fact that within a few months she had been talking about FEELINGS with different men, she was crying for Marcellosaid I love you to Diegowas cooked with Alexander and then, sbadabam, it returned to eternal love towards Riccardo. This is the criticism, having boasted feelings at random always because she is the serious one, the one of the heart, the one of feelings, woe betide talking about simple passing attractions.

Roberta it is true that she would have exited the program with Alexanderbut because very interested and therefore predisposed to a deeper knowledge outside, but she never spoke of love for Alexanderand if he torpedoes her, because HE torpedoed her, God forbid that if Roberta goes out to dinner with a bono like Riky can’t make out (because Riky it’s good, eh, maybe you don’t get engaged because it’s heavy and narcissistic, but two lemonsignorailimoni easily soak them for him and how, come on).

In all of this, however, the trash of that 40-minute episode was so much that I still feel dizzy: Roberta who was going to give us the remake of the pizzas in the face of the Guarnieriwhen she got up and stood an inch from the face of a terrified Alexander, Ida completely possessed by the spirit of Rosy Abate who kept getting up and sitting down from the chair, yelling, changing pants, and saying what to say Riccaaaardoooo ormaaaaai I don’t care nieeeeeeenteand all while blowing up the jugular.

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I am a bad person, I know, but this trash is literally reconciling me with the program MarianI can not help it, I am a simple viewer, they buy me with little.

Final part of the episode for the throne of Federico Nicotera which for me is the most successful throne among those of the gods at the moment ccciovani. I find the tronista genuinely interested in his suitors and the suitors, however, are so different in character as to generate that classic antagonism even in the spectators who prefer the approach of one or the other.

I am definitely a team Carola Carpanelli, Federico it seems to me a boy used to dealing with generally condescending women, and a girl like Carolavery proud, a little closed and not very inclined to demonstrations, it definitely puts him in crisis, in a way that however feeds curiosity and interest.

Aliceinstead, even today, when in my opinion she should have been annoyed with the tronista, who after kissing her was there to chase Carola in the dressing rooms, she intervened for what? To blame the suitor because she treats badly Federico.

men and women

But sorry, Alicebut think about how he treats you instead of thinking about how Carola treats him and ‘get into protection’ (cit), right? Think about protecting yourself, put yourself first!

Here you are Alice, for now, she has proposed herself just like a geisha towards the tronista, always ready to justify and support him, will this be the right strategy in the long term? We will find out (hopefully before Christmas because young thrones are beautiful when they don’t last long).

Video of the episode: Full episode – Ida: “Alessandro but respect …” – Roberta and Riccardo: a clarifying chat – Roberta: “Alessandro don’t allow you to say certain things …” – The kisses between Roberta and Riccardo – Ida: “I don’t suffer for Riccardo … “- Maria:” Riccardo annoys you if … “- Gianni:” I don’t want to be made fun of … “- Carola’s outburst – Federico and Carola’s external – Federico and Carola looking for an understanding – Patrizia: “Federico I’m watching you …”

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