Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 6/12/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 6/12/22
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I don’t know why, but when I disagree with everything that is preached during an episode of Men and womenI feel that I am automatically on the side of reason.

But I’m so weird to think that all the pimps made today a Carola Carpanelli were completely meaningless?!

All to tell her that she had made an inappropriate comment, that she was selfish and worried only about herself, when instead I found that it was one of the first times in which the suitor has, on the contrary, shown a certain maturity, and if we also want a certain interest in the tronista.

Frederick Nicotera makes an external where it opens with Alice Barisciani on an extremely intimate and delicate subject, namely her past with an abusive father, it is OBVIOUS, NORMAL that Carola, like anyone else in the world, can only be sorry to hear such a story, but honestly if I were a girl interested in a boy, and I heard certain things confided to another woman and not to me, well, sorry but I think is human and natural enough to feel bad and ask me questions, but what is this hypocrisy? But how could he Carola, pretend nothing happened? Which then I’m ready to bet the tears of Gem, what if Carola hadn’t reacted to the fact that the tronista confided in the other, they would have told her they weren’t interested enough because ‘belly a reaction haaaaiiii‘.

Gianni Sperty argued that Carola cried because of the bad impression made (a bad impression that I continue not to point out, however), but she explicitly explained the reason for her tears: seeing that outside made her think she was perhaps inadequate to be next to Frederickof not having been able to establish that type of dialogue and relationship with him which then facilitates a certain type of confidences, of not being ‘mature’ enough to be with a person who has a past which evidently led him to grow before the time.

And in acknowledging one’s limits and one’s immaturity, in reality I see much more maturity than many others have, perhaps those who, for example, crowd the parterre over, feel like men and women lived and then cover themselves with ridicule one second and the other as well.

Carola he is 20 years old, at 20 you are authorized to be light-hearted, you are authorized not to have developed certain sides of your character yet, you are authorized not to have the most appropriate tools to deal with certain situations, but honestly this fact almost makes him feel a fault annoyed. There Carpanelli she is this and she has never pretended to be anything else, she is 20 years old and it doesn’t seem to me that she has ever boasted of being a great woman, done and finished, if you, tronista, decide to carry on Carola you must know that you are bringing forward a girl who was in high school until the day before yesterday, who has the sacred right to take things with that “superficiality” that her age allows her, who if she feels in difficulty she can cry without needing the professor from the chair explain to her how she should react to be more womanH (do not rush to grow up, my girls, if you are lucky enough not to have had to face situations bigger than you, savor all the lightness of those wonderful years, which then to be full of responsibilities, thoughts and adult attitudes, you have lifetime!).

Anyway, net of the exciting story of Frederick and of the intensely emotional external for obvious reasons, I still do not perceive, in its external with Alicethat QUID, that stuff there between a man and a woman, that extra push which, even from the outside, makes it clear that it will be the choice.

Alice on paper it would be her perfect choice: both of us have a difficult past, a common language with which to understand each other, she is so condescending, understanding and protective, in short, I think that Frederick rationally know that the “right” choice would be her, yet my feeling is that the belly goes the other way, with that 20-year-old girl who keeps him in the balance, who maybe doesn’t understand it and from whom maybe he doesn’t know make himself understood, that he has a light-heartedness that could perhaps be good for him too… out of there would they last two hours? Probably, but if you don’t take the plunge at 20, what do you do at 40? You end up like Richard Guarnieri racking your existence on loves that never went through? For God’s sake.

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In any case, I’m VERY BLACK for how they’ve reduced the fashion shows, but what is this useless walk of the ladies we witnessed today? But where is the trash, where are the controversies, where are the people ready to interrupt friendships and loves for a vote on the paddles? But give us back Barbara DeSanti who got hysterical for every vote below 7, give us the screams and claims, because otherwise we might as well avoid, eh. That is, you either do things well or you don’t do them at all, I’m bored as hell. But then where was he? Pinuccia? Once we needed it and it wasn’t there, while a couple of never-before-seen chicks paraded who they sure must have hired just outside the Helios just to make up the number.

Go from the glories of GiulianoNumberOne today’s sadness was very sad, you know that.

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