Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri bursts into tears in the arms of Ida Platano (VIDEO)


Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri bursts into tears in the arms of Ida Platano (VIDEO)
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In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Riccardo and Ida are moved by listening to the song of the wedding proposal, Maria De Filippi speechless.

In bet from Men and womenbroadcast today on Channel 5, Riccardo Guarnieri want explanations from Gloria Nicolettisure the lady is dating Fabio but she is still interested in him. She breaks out one discussion between Ida Platano and Riccardo, accused of having removed the greeting from one day to the next without any reason, leaving her deeply embittered. The tronista Veronica Rimondi exits outside and kisses Andreacausing the wrath of Matteo. Meanwhile, Guarnieri leaves the studio after listening to a song that reminds him of theirs wedding proposal.

Men and Women, Riccardo in tears for Ida

There new episode from Men and women opens on confrontation between Riccardo Guarnieri and Gloria Nicoletti after the last recording. The Roman lady is dating Fabiowho has been all too jealous of the interest she might continue to have for Riccardowho argues that between them there is still a game of glances in the studio. Glory has denied several times that he still feels interest in Guarnieri, although I still gave the knight the option of having a coffee together after he insistently asked to meet to talk. Fabio is definitely annoyed by the words of Riccardowhich even comes to assume that Glory has undertaken an acquaintance with the rival only to make him pay, since the lady continues to observe him. Gianni Sperti intervenes by admitting to see Glory rather convinced of not wanting to reopen the door a Riccardowho instead looks like a wounded man who can’t accept a two of spades and is inventing on behalf of the queen.

Armando Incarnato he intrudes, accusing Glory to have lied and never been interested in Riccardowhile Gianni takes the floor pointing out that it is Guarnieri that Embodied they were burned by the Roman, and they say falsehoods. The lady bursts into tearsreiterating that it is not true that Riccardo did not interest her but she wants to quit and never talk about it. Maria De Filippi takes the side of Gloriaaccusing Riccardo that he has returned to the lady after being alone while he publicly declares that he is interested in her. Ida Platano takes the floor, offended by the fact that Riccardo has even taken away the salute, and the knight reiterates that he does not want to take new attacks when she never defends him. Ida continues to attack her ex, explaining that he too could have defended her many times and never did, accusing him of not knowing what she wants of her.

We then move on to classical throne with Veronica Rimondiwho during the dance in the studio he discussed remotely with Matteogiven that the suitor preferred not to approach her to punish her for having left him on the bench. Veronicain fact, she dated Andrew and, after a series of important confessions, a passionate kiss was released. In the studio Andrew declares to have been well with the tronista and to have a very strong interest in her, although he is terrified that the tronista is not yet his. Meanwhile, we find that Riccardo had a crying fit and left the studio, closely followed by Ida. The knight, called by Maria De Filippiexplains that he was moved by a song that accompanied his love affair with Ida during the period of the marriage proposal. The two ex-boyfriends dance tightly in the center of the studio.

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