Men and women, the ex-lady Angela Iorio thunders: “Maria is cold, Gemma is bad. I had to go away”


Men and women, the ex-lady Angela Iorio thunders: “Maria is cold, Gemma is bad. I had to go away”
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The former Neapolitan dame, Angela Iorio, interviewed by PiĆ¹Donna: the background on her farewell to Men and Women.

The ex Neapolitan dame, Angela Ioriowas one of the most discussed protagonists of the throne over from Men and women.

Men and women, the ex-lady Angela Iorio thunders: “Maria is cold, Gemma is bad. I had to go away”

Interviewed by Fralof for MoreWomanthe former Roman lady told some background on her farewell to Channel 5 dating show.

“Three years have passed but still many people recognize me – said Angela – I think for my nervousness that exploded in the studio center. I dreamed with men and women, I loved being combed and made up, going to sleep alone in the studio. hotel. Until Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti targeted me. Their job is just that: to create the dynamic to make the character get nervous and a fight is created, so the program generates audience. “

“I still get nervous at the thought of those attacks. They pretended not to understand me. I loved Maria De Filippi, but she too pretended not to understand me.”

The former dame also spoke of Gemma Galganicalling her a hypocritical and evil woman:

I used to defend her a lot because she seemed like a victim to me. I defended it in front of everyone, but the scene was cut and didn’t air. I went against Tina to defend Gemma, and for this very reason I became disliked by her. Later I noticed that Gemma was angry with me. A certain Paolo, who had come down for her, had offered to give me a cruise through the company he worked with that he made these promotions with. But that bad Gemma went near him and made him deny it: she never gave it to me anymore. I had sent this Paolo a kiss from afar to say thank you, but Gemma forbade it. She was very bad. She is thin and tall but if you see her up close without makeup you get scared. I am an open book and I say what I think .. She wants to be in the studio, she is incredibly hypocritical. Now that they have taken away space, her face has changed too.

Angela he clarified that in recent times, his stay on the program had become difficult following continued attacks by Tina and Gianni:

“Initially I was very enthusiastic about my experience with Men and Women. At the time I had a sore legs, but I was so happy to go there that the pain disappeared too. But then the tears took over the smiles. They massacred me. Tina maybe. He also made me smile, but Gianni Sperti made me too angry. He was angry with me because during one of the first episodes there was a Sicilian gentleman who I liked. Immediately the following week they put me in the middle of the studio with this gentleman. Immediately he told me that I had to move to Sicily, and I got angry. Had I just met him, could I ever move to Sicily? From the nervous, I had a glass of water in my hand, I told him that I could throw it in his face. Probably ever since. took a dislike to me “

It’s still:

“They tried to convince me in every way to stay, but I was too angry. I had been offended by a gentleman from Rome, Beniamino, and no one had intervened to defend me. He was an interesting person, we had interests in common, he was wealthy . But she offended me and even Maria did not intervene. Often she defends the people she likes, she never did it with me. Surely because when I cried and got angry I was an audience. I would go back there only on one condition: that Maria agrees to speak with me. “

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