Mercedes Amg GT 4 63 S, stellar power


Mercedes Amg GT 4 63 S, stellar power
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Mercedes leverages Formula 1 expertise to build a plug-in hybrid power unit that enhances performance rather than ride efficiency. The system power reaches 843 hp while the maximum torque is 1,400 Nm

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The rhetoric between Formula 1 and production cars has always been an indisputable element of fascination. Being able to afford to announce “F1 technologies” on sports cars, gran turismo but also family and SUVs (and more), does not always call for a real technical / mechanical innovation that from the single-seater finds standard application but rather the exercise of the same team that has collaborated in the development of a component, a structure for the racing car. Complicated but communicatively very effective. Among the very few who can really afford to transfer F1 technologies to production products is Mercedes. He demonstrated this with the Amg One (albeit very late compared to the times originally planned) and confirms it with the new Amg GT 4 63 S e-performance. A long name for a model that innovates the ultra-high-performance four-door segment because it is equipped with a brand new plug-in hybrid power unit designed exclusively for performance and not for efficiency of use. On the other hand, the battery here was developed in Brixworth, where the company that deals with the power units of F1 is based. For real. Prices from 204 thousand euros.

Mercedes Amg GT 4 63 S: how it’s made

The Amg GT 4 project is not new and the entry into the range of the 63 S version does not change its appearance and characteristics. The lines are always very athletic, dynamic and sporty: it has personality, presence and the front sculpted by clear and taut shapes well reflects the tone of the vehicle. The passenger compartment is instead the right compromise (considering the segment to which it belongs) between technology, luxury and performance. The seats are shaped, the leather alternates with Alcantara and the yellow contrast stitching is an Amg style detail. The on-board entertainment system and the instrument panel are integrated into the Mbux structure which has now reached a level of development and integration of reference. The most important novelty, as anticipated, is the plug-in hybrid power unit. Under the front bonnet pulses the mighty 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo 639 hp: a well-known, appreciated “face” that has already found numerous applications. Without ever disappointing. The 8 cylinders would be enough to recover already remarkable performance, here enhanced by a second 204 HP electric engine housed on the rear axle and powered by a 6.1 kWh high-performance battery weighing “only” 89 kg. Developed between Brixworth and Affalterbach, the new generation accumulator can deliver a continuous power of 70 kW and a peak power of 150 kW. The system power is equal to 843 hp for 1,470 Nm of maximum torque. The traction is all-wheel 4Matic + and the gearbox is an automatic dual-clutch and 9-speed.

How’s the Mercedes Amg GT 4 63 S

It weighs approximately 2,400 kg. A value that, also in relation to the dimensions, involves certain limits that do not allow it to be a real sports car in the classic sense. Indeed, it rather belongs to the category of ultra-high performance sedans. Category in which it stands out for technological innovation and level of performance: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds (0-200 km / h in ten seconds) and top speed of 316 km / h. The response speed to reactions is surprising: by pressing the gas pedal the response is immediate, without hesitation or interference. Maximum power is always available to the driver because the electric motor has an integrated two-speed gearbox and the battery has a sophisticated single-cell cooling system that allows you to maintain a constant temperature at 45 degrees, obtain maximum energy efficiency and avoid overheating. Being a high-performance battery, energy recovery is very effective and in fact it will hardly be necessary to connect the vehicle to a column because the battery can store up to 100 kW of power. Again: the solution developed by Amg is designed exclusively to improve performance and to find a first truly sporty application to plug-in modules. So much so that the autonomy in electric mode is only 12 km. To simplify, you can consider the battery as a “super boost”. The steering proved to be precise and direct: the front fits well and the road holding is really excellent. The carbon and ceramic brakes are also very powerful. By choosing a more touristic and “familiar” driving pace, the on-board comfort is of a high level, the suspension effectively absorbs any roughness and, in general, one travels in an environment of class and elegance. Consumption values ​​are absolutely acceptable (considering the power): driving without too many jerks you can get values ​​around 7.5 l / 100 km.


Like it: excellent performance; the energy recovery system is innovative and effective; the car is pleasant even with a city and tourist driving pace. Do not like: uncomfortable position of the charging socket; reduced electrical autonomy

Mercedes Amg GT 4 63 S: technical sheet

  • Dimensions: length 5,005 mm; width 1,870 mm; height 1,440 mm; weight 2.405 kg
  • Engine: 3,982 cc twin-turbo petrol V8; power 639 Hp; torque 900 Nm; electric motor power 204 Hp; system power 843 hp; maximum torque 1,470 Nm
  • Battery: 6.1 kWh capacity; autonomy 12 km
  • Performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h 2.9 seconds; maximum speed 316 km / h
  • Consumption: 8.6 l / 100 km combined cycle Wltp
  • CO2 emissions: 196 g / km
  • Price: 204,000 euros

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