Mertens and Napoli, the reasons for the farewell


Mertens and Napoli, the reasons for the farewell
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NAPLES – Troisi thought it was love and instead it was a gig. And besides, in life things don’t always go as one imagines, on the contrary: “I thought I was staying at Naples and instead…”. A week after the issue of the email with the renewal proposal sent by the lawyers of Stirr Associates to Calcio Napoli, and a few days after the refusal of De Laurentiis under the conditions envisaged and deemed inadmissible, Dries Mertens came to the discovery: a few words on the eve of the last game of the Nations League of Belgium scheduled today in Warsaw with Zielinski’s Poland, but with effect as one of the shots that made him famous. In one concept: he explained that he is free, or at least that he feels free considering that until June 30, at least technically, he will be linked to Napoli also by the unilateral renewal option set in favor of the club. Option that will not be exercised, net of the 4.5 million plus 500 thousand of bonuses received in the last two seasons, but that’s another story. Indeed no: it is the end of the film.

A nice club

And then, they go on the air latest scenes: the emails and then the words. A speech delivered by Mertens in the middle of the conference which yesterday accompanied Belgium to Nations’ challenge with Poland, and which in a certain sense accompanies him towards Capodichino airport. Sure, the love story with the Naples it is wonderful and it seemed infinite, but at this point it is really difficult to think of a twist. “My future?”, the question is precise. «I want to make the right choice. I want to find a nice club ». All while on web dyed blue, the hashtag #driesresta is very popular. “Anyway, I’m serene. I’m calm, but I think a lot about my choice ». They ask him for the Naples and Naples, the team for which he wrote the goalscoring records in all competitions, in the league and in the European cups, and the city for which he is Ciro. One urchin born by chance in Flanders. The only true idol of the people: «I thought I was staying … But it’s strange that they waited so long: I haven’t heard from anyone yet about the renewal. I hope to let you know in the next days or weeks ».


Two Sundays ago, however, Stirr Associates, and therefore the Keerbergen law firm that looks after his interests, sent Naples a proposal an annual extension of € 2.4 million in engagement, plus 1.6 million signing bonuses, more bonuses linked to objectives, more commissions for its agents; a proposal sent back to the sender. From that moment on, silence. Or rather until statements yesterday: a earthquake official for the blue people, still a little skeptical about his farewell and above all hopeful to rediscover the tongues – and the masterpieces – also in the next season after the coffee drunk on the terrace of the house together with De Laurentiis post Empoli.

The future of Mertens

And now? Well, she said it Dries: wants to find a nice club. A squad where he can continue to do what he has always done: goals. THE suitors they are not missing: Gattuso would like it to Valencia; the Botafogo would like to take it in Brazil; the Monk and theOM in Ligue 1; Sarri at the Lazio, but the ideas of society are different; and his agents also proposed him to the Rome. We will see, as he said, after Nations. Maybe even soon. Maybe who knows: it all depends on the ending that the director chooses to tell the sunset of this great blockbuster love that lasted nine years and a son named Ciro. Yes, it went as it went: but it wasn’t a gig.

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