Messina. Nino Frassica returns home between songs and irony on the stage in Piazza Duomo


Messina.  Nino Frassica returns home between songs and irony on the stage in Piazza Duomo
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The comedian from Messina was applauded last night with his “2000-3000” tour

MESSINA – Nino Frassica in “his” Messina. A special applause welcomes him as a symbol of an ironic and surreal, popular and witty Messina. Last night the second show of the LiveMe program in Piazza Duomo, full of people, with its “2000-3000” tour and with the Messina musicians of the “Los Plaggers Band”.

Second appointment after Carmen Consoli and, as the first gag, everyone on stage is wearing coats and scarves. The reason? “Because we had to do the show on December 31st (the bill was interrupted due to Covid, ed) and now we have to celebrate the new year”.

On the screen the president Mattarella

Space then for music, on the stage of Piazza Duomo in the freakish version of the Frassica. The game is to mix medley-style songs in a paradoxical combination. But first comes the video with the image of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to greet the former “good presenter” of “Back all”.

However, when the friar of “Quelli della notte” and star performer on TV and radio, from Fabio Fazio to “Don Matteo”, announced a “special presenter” to kick off the show, some of the spectators thought it would materialize the former mayor Cateno De Luca.

The audience last night

The puns in the songs and the Messina guests

With Frassica, a group of people from Messina on stage. “I like to value the people of my city. I would like to put myself at the service of the talents here and promote them ”, declared the comedian and actor born in Galati. The puns, the mixture of songs, from “Grazie dei fiori bis” and the classic “Grazie dei fiori” to “Sono solo canzonette” and “Red roses”, alternating with his warhorses from historical broadcasts, characterize the show . The audience smiles and applauds even if the standard is far from the best Frassica, that of jokes and gags that overturn commonplaces.

Here the memory flows between “Cacao marvelous” and songs from the sixties and seventies (“I’m a woman, I’m not a … seamstress”) and the artist valued by Renzo Arbore appears a bit weakened, like his teacher when he plays concerts , compared to the anarchic strength of his comedy.

Frassica testimonial of Messina football and chosen by Basile to promote culture and entertainment

Among the guests of the evening Gabriele Savasta, “Glorius4” (Cecilia Foti, Federica D’Andrea, Mariachiara Millimaggi and Agnese Carrubba) and Jacopo Delvento, always to remain in the artistic Messina area. On stage, during the evening, the councilor Gallo and the mayor Basile, who asked Frassica to help him to make Messina grow in terms of culture and major events.

The artist replied: “Available”. The general manager of Messina football, Lello Manfredi, gave the actor the first season ticket of the season in the south curve and donated a team shirt with his name engraved on his shoulders.

The mayor Federico Basile (from his Fb page) and Frassica from the stage of Piazzza Duomo

Tonight in Piazza Duomo the third appointment of #LiveMe with the new folk singing company.

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