Messina. The pianist and composer Nicola Arena has died


Messina.  The pianist and composer Nicola Arena has died
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The artist and teacher was 54 years old and was highly appreciated by colleagues and enthusiasts. Pappalardo: “A magnificent musician”

MESSINA – Pianist, composer, music teacher, Nicola Arena died (in the photo from his Facebook page), 54 years old. Graduated from the Conservatory of Messina, he was much appreciated by colleagues and enthusiasts. Moved, so the musician and teacher remembers him Cesare Natoli on Facebook: “Your extraordinary talent, your prodigious fingers, your prodigious musical intelligence have been a constant model of emulation and admiration for me. I can’t – and I won’t – forget you, bright star”.

Matteo Pappalardo: “A kind person, a magnificent musician, an excellent pianist”

Emphasize in turn Matthew Pappalardoprofessor at the Conservatory, music critic and former artistic director of the Vittorio Emanuele, joined by tight weather: “I am amazed, I have no words. I can only say well about Nicola: a kind and helpful person, a magnificent musician, an excellent pianist, who deserved better luck… I remember the times (the 1980s) of his studies at the Conservatory, in the headquarters in via S. Filippo Bianchi: he in the class of maestro Vittorio Trovato, I in that of Roberto Bianco (and, later, of Sonja Pahor), to exchange opinions and impressions. And the concerts at the Sala Laudamo and at the Vittorio Emanuele, immediately after the reopening in 1985. But above all the comments, animated if passionate, sitting at the tables of the clubs in the Gallery or eating a pizza in Torre Faro”.

Adds Pappalardo: “A life ago or, perhaps, another life, in which we cultivated dreams, ambitions, having music as our polar star. We believed it! I don’t know how much is left of those ideals, which nevertheless formed us; but the clear and dear memories of that period and of a friend I have always valued and respected will remain. When we meet again, Nicola, we will go back to talking about our beloved Music, perhaps trying to approach Benedetti Michelangeli or Richter, whom we have so admired”.

Marta Cutugno: “Leaves a huge artistic and human void”

Pianist, teacher and music critic, Martha Cutugno she also remembers the artist, for tight weather, with affection and esteem: “It is difficult to quantify the artistic and human void left by Nicola Arena, a pianist of incredible talent and immense sensitivity. His great technical competence that allowed him to fly on the keyboard was combined with the highest taste for beauty and an incredible knowledge that he has always put at the service of others with great humility. Nicola has always been a giant, in every sense. A very tall boy in his physical stature, a funny person with a startling irony, a respectable person. And also a very good teacher who accompanied many students, from the oldest to the youngest, to discover the world of sounds that he loved so much. Chatting with Nicola on the many nuances of his favorite compositions, discussing the best interpretations, receiving his advice and laughing together at the defects that took us away from perfection was a gift, a treasure for anyone who had the good fortune to know him and share with him even just a small piece of road on this earth”.

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