Michele Merlo, father Domenico in tears to Verissimo: “A blood test was enough to save my son”


Michele Merlo, father Domenico in tears to Verissimo: “A blood test was enough to save my son”
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A pain that will last forever and the devastating awareness that the tragedy could have been avoided. One year after the death of Michele Merloin art Mike Birdsinger of Amici, his father Domenico remembered his beloved son on the show very true in front of Silvia Toffanin’s microphone. She is the first time that Domenico speaks on television after the death that befell his son.

The bruises, then the symptoms: Michele’s nightmare

Michele’s father told about their family life before the tragedy: Michele lived 5 km from his parents’ house. So the father discovered some symptoms a little late, when they were traveling to accompany Michele to the recording of his latest album: «he He said that he had already shown up, we thought it was just a hematoma. But for the sake of scruple I told him to come back as soon as possible, so we went to the emergency room where he explained the symptoms. After 3-4 hours he was unwell, he had major headache symptoms. On the evening of that day he showed up from family doctor who treated a leg with bruises scattered all over the place. I think that very clear symptoms were underestimated there, even the medical examiners say so. Michele had a fulminant leukemia: «he had a black leg from the groin to the feet, he had a headache, a nosebleed. A blood test would have been enough to save him. ‘ A version also confirmed by medical examiners who argue that a blood test would have been enough to save him: “he had a 77% to 89% chance of recovering from the disease in about six months”.

Regarding the ongoing investigation into the death of his son Domenico, he said: «I do not expect anything from justice and I do not condemn human error, even if it has devastated my life. I do not condemn the doctor, who made a mistake, but by mistake. To this day he is still our family doctor ».

The father-son relationship

Moved, to the microphones of Toffanin Domenico recalled the relationship that bound him to his son: «I was a bit hard with him because I come from a military career, but despite this, everything listened to my advice. With his mother, on the other hand, he opened up a lot, he also told her the most intimate things ».

The last note for the father: “Thank you for the patches you put on my clothes”

“Thanks for the patches you put on my clothes even though you have to go away with the holes. You are a mighty sword, an airplane that doesn’t scare me. Always protect this boy of yours, happy birthday, father Michele »he had written these words to his father, a few months before Michele Merlo died. «Michele was a sporty boy and had never had health problems» specified Domenico, who added «he was a great artist, misunderstood and a bit gruff. He was a rebel romantic. Fors and this world was not for him because he was too sensitive ».

A concert for Michele in support of research

On 6 June an event to commemorate Michele promoted by the association is scheduled at the municipal stadium of Rosà (Vicenza) Romantic Rebel, born in support of scientific research: “With many friends and the help of the National Singers, we will try to remember him through music and games. We always want to celebrate it and also support the artists who do not have the opportunity to emerge “.

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