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Michelle Hunziker, a beautiful and professional woman in one piece, will soon become a grandmother for the first time. And this, as she also told the same about her on her social networks, where she is very active, makes her heart full of joy, as well as immense emotion. She returned single, after the end of her second marriage and her late spring and summer liason with the sensual Giovanni Angelini, she seems to have gotten closer to her second ex-husband. However, now it is news of a completely different kind that is making everyone talk about her on the Web about her…

It is a real drama whose story shocked its fans, including – clearly – those of the first hour. You talk about rushing to the hospital…

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Michelle Hunziker is – undoubtedly – one of the most loved showgirls in our country in the name of her radiant beauty, her extraordinary physicality and her absolutely irresistible sympathy. Furthermore, the woman is always at the center of real media storms because of her private life, decidedly somewhat turbulent, which as such never, ever manages to remain. After all, since she, still very young, married the much more mature Eros Ramazzotti, she has been on everyone’s lips. Then the separation with relative divorce which left a bad taste in the mouth of the couple’s fans. Today the two are on excellent terms and love each other very much.

After Eros came Tomaso but…

After that Michelle she had some flirtations and decided to open her heart again to the younger Tomaso Trussardi with whom she got married and brought into the world Sun and Heavenly, but it didn’t last with him either and after ten years of love they said goodbye. But now it seems there was a rapprochement. If he spent a single summer, the same cannot be said – certainly – of her who flew into the arms of the beautiful doctor John Angelini, whom he also introduced to his eldest daughter Aurora, born of his first marriage. But then, once back home in Milan, all traces of him were lost…

The dramatic tale

And we were able to notice this by observing his huge following with great attention Official Instagram profile where there is room only for her and her creatures, especially for Aury which is about to make her a grandmother for the first time. And the decidedly strong and dramatic story that the Swiss artist released on TV some time ago is about her…

Shocking news for Michelle Hunziker
Aurora and Michelle YouBee

The disclosure was made at very truethe Canale 5 gravure, conducted by the splendid Silvia Toffanin, while the event took place years and years ago, more precisely when the woman, who was still married to Trussardi, was waiting for Sun. But what happened?

Basically in the middle of the night Michelle received a phone call in which they told her who Aurora was knocked unconscious from alcohol. The girl, at the time still a minor, since she was only 17, was taken to the children’s hospital.

The frightened mother rushed to the spot and found her daughter clinging to doubts and an electrocardiogram. It was of course – a very hard scene for a parent to bear and one she had a hard time forgetting. As her daughter recovered, she scolded her and made her not attend never more two people who were far too harmful to her. In the end Aurora listened to her and – as time went by – even thanked her for the decision she had made her take.

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