Milan: from Sanches to Ziyech and de Ketelaere, three men and a half agreement


Milan: from Sanches to Ziyech and de Ketelaere, three men and a half agreement
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Maldini and Massara recover ground after the “forced stop” of the negotiations: but the market objectives remain pending

De Ketelaere, as shown in the photo, call. The problem is that the answer must be the Brugescertainly not one of the cheapest shops in Europe. Ziyech treats, in first person moreover, but there is always the Chelsea to please. Who has already put the stamp on the offer is instead the Lille. Again, however, we are halfway across the ford, because this time it is Renato Sanches which must be convinced. Stories from the market Milan. Which moves, and quite a lot as well, catches up with its rivals (read Inter And Juve) after the month of “forced stop” due to delay in the renewals of Maldini and Massarabut it still fails to reach the white smoke for what are, in an evident way, the great market targets.

Half of the ford is not said by chance, because always, whatever the negotiation, two parties must be convinced and, at the moment, Milan has always reached agreements in half. With de Ketelaere and Ziyech on the engagement (to tell the truth with the Moroccan you have to define some details), with the Lille for Renato Sanches on the card. There is still work to be done, to find the most suitable formulas, to implement all the diplomacy mentioned Maldini and Massara they are able. Starting with Renatone, feeling the hardest bone also seen the assistance of Mendes.

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That of Sanches is a particular story if nothing else. A month and a half ago it was all done: three million to the player, happy as an Easter to make a stop in Milan, and, it was said, 18 million for Lille, a figure on which it was then tried to arrive at a small discount. Only the signatures seemed to be missing, then what everyone knows happened and, partly for strategy and partly for reality, the Psg and the bank jumped. Getting in the way, it seems, is a big word. It has been talked about a lot, especially in France, but the Lille he has always denied having received concrete offers from Parisians and in fact, yesterday’s news, not only he said yes to Milanbut has also accepted the proposal, on the downside, of 10 million. So what’s true about the meeting between Sanches and PSG? The answer should be this: Mendesin Paris to talk about Vitinha – a deal that went through -, Sanches also tried to put it on the plate. The PSG took note of the availability and, barring denials, it did not go further. However, this was enough to beat Milan: from 3 million at the beginning of June, it has gone to the current request of six. Distance, needless to say, enormous which, however, does not seem to have discouraged the Rossoneri. The coming week, however, has all the air of being a countdown towards the deadline of the deal: in short, Maldini and Massara could also raise their offer, but it will not go beyond next Friday. In or out, therefore, with the last word going to the Lille midfielder.

The situations of de Ketelaere and Ziyech. The first accepted AC Milan’s engagement proposal (five years to 2.5 per season), except for jokes about the request for more or less plausible technical guarantees. The second would like to marry the Rossoneri project to relaunch himself, but he is still trying to negotiate on the salary. For both, however, there is work to be done on the card. The Belgian is the great goal of the AC Milan market. Maldini and Massara crazy for him and are ready to turn up a 30 million the offer for Bruges. It is unlikely that something can go wrong also because the Leedsthe only real competitor of the Rossoneri, seems to have decided to step aside, aware of the player’s desire to move to the court of Pegs. Talks with the Chelsea: the node, net of an onerous loan from 5 million and an overall valuation of 25, was the formula. Milan proposed a right, Chelsea wanted an obligation. The halfway solution (a right that can turn into an obligation) seems to have been welcomed by both parties. In short, all that remains is to close. Because Maldini and Massara have certainly recovered ground, but it’s time to show up at Casa Milan for the official photos …

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