Mille Miglia, we start: from Viale Venezia to Lake Garda, then off towards the sea


Mille Miglia, we start: from Viale Venezia to Lake Garda, then off towards the sea
Written by aquitodovale

After punching and the technical checks, finally the engines roar in viale Venezia: the Mille Miglia 2022 is ready to go, with its load of history. From 1.30 pm, live on Teletutto and in streaming (also in this content, below), in connection with Maddalena Damini, Clara Camplani tells the thrills of the over 400 crews on the platform. There will be no shortage of VIPs, already sighted in the past few hours at the Mille Miglia Village in Piazza Vittoria.

“A A thousand miles of rebirth – comments Beatrice Saottini, president of 1000 Miglia srl ​​- made solemn by the passage of the Tornadoes and the performance of the carabinieri fanfare. There is a lot of adrenaline, let’s enjoy it all“. Aldo Bonomi, president of Aci Brescia, of the same idea, adds: “We live on passions, what matters is to be able to transmit all this also abroad, above all through the Mille Miglia Foundation which will be the highlight of a path that will demonstrate that Brescia is moving in one direction ».

“We will do everything to ensure that the Capital of Culture and the Mille Miglia make sparks together – he underlines the mayor Emilio Del Bono -. I’ll be driving from Siena to Brescia with Giorgio Gori to bring up the name of our cities, united in the important goal of 2023 ».

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Towards Garda

The first stage ends this evening in Cervia-Milano Marittima. In its run towards the sea, the One thousand miles first of all meets the lake. After the departure from Brescia, the Red Arrow heads towards Salò, which welcomes the old ladies from 2 pm: the crews parade along via Landi, and then descend from Calata del Carmine on the Zanardelli lakeside. They walk along it to the municipal building of the Magnifica Patria, where they turn right into via Conforti to enter the historic center along via Butturini, piazza Zanardelli, via San Carlo and piazza Zanelli. And it really is under the clock tower that the first check is carried out stamp of the Mille Miglia 2022.

-> Mille Miglia 2022: the passage from Portese and Manerba del Garda

-> Mille Miglia 2022: the passage from Moniga del Garda

-> Mille Miglia 2022: the passage from Padenghe sul Garda

-> Mille Miglia 2022: the passage from Desenzano del Garda

The cars then continue to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, until they reach the curves of the Zettewhere the second block of timed trials, before the “dip” on the roads of Valtenesi. San Felice, Manerba, Moniga and Padenghe pamper the historic caravan among olive trees and vineyards, then it’s up to Desenzano to let the racing drivers feel all its warmth: from the Vo ‘curves to the Cesare Battisti walkway along the lakefront, with the fascinating passage on the Venetian bridge.

In Piazza Matteotti the cars stop for the second stamp checkand then whizzing towards Sirmione along via Anelli, via Dal Molin, via Motta, via Di Vittorio and via Agello. The entrance to the Perla del Garda is from via Brescia, then turn left on via Matteotti, via Divisione Acqui, via Salvo d’Acquisto, via Bagnera and via Colombare, heading straight on via XXV Aprile and viale Marconi up to piazzale Porto. , where is it in the shadow of the Scaligero castle there will be the third stamp control.

The Freccia Rossa leaves the peninsula following the same route as the way back.