Millions of fans not to be betrayed, 175,000 not to be disappointed. Intriguing Adli, exciting Leao in a growing group


In the end, the readers of the editorial on last week were almost 175,000 (excluding of course those who only read the title and then insulted me …). I didn’t ask my trusted friends Vitiello and Mazzara, who for years have been putting up with me every Thursday for a thousand last minute corrections, if it’s about my historical record. I didn’t ask him because I don’t care that he is. Having 175,000 readers, like 2 sold out stadiums for a single game, is a huge responsibility, a certificate of esteem to be respected and which determines an ever greater commitment. My social networks have more than 100,000 followers put together: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. They do not produce income and they testify that, in just over 10 years from my entry on the platforms, they have remained close to me, appreciating the contents and above all believing in loyalty, in work, in honesty, in substance. Regardless of whether you agree or not. Loyalty is created with reputation, they taught me. I don’t mean to disappoint anyone, it’s a promise.

This is why I am repetitive in these hectic market weeks: the reputation of Paolo Maldini and Riky Massara has created my personal loyalty to them as people and as professionals. I have already told about Paolo many times: I was born a friend of his father Cesare, I soon became attached to many people who are part of his circle, I adore his large family and finally, only finally, I came across the AC Milan captain. In 1986. Respect and esteem (mutual, I believe) arise from the values ​​on which Paolo based his existence, on which the Maldini family built his greatness beyond the field, career, trophies and numbers . Because in the meantime the family has been growing up with daughters-in-law, sires, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law, nephews galore. Staying united and solid, selecting friendships by sharing values.

If Paolo signed a contract after some controversy and despite some divergence of views (but in which company and, if you allow, in which family are everyone always in agreement on everything?), It is because the project is still solid, because the path he continues, because the goals of an increasingly strong Milan and of a stadium – I hope – all ours have remained the same. I live off Pioli’s serenity and trust in everyone’s work. De Ketelaere’s nerve-wracking story (not for me) has shown that the company has precise philosophy, strategy and rules. Uncompromising. Maldini and Massara comply with them and impose them on their interlocutors. Paying in cash, without advances, installments and bills, the formulas are a bit more complicated than for those who have no fear of getting into debt. The essential thing is to give Pioli a team that, in spite of the predictions that have returned to relocate the Rossoneri to the second or third row, can defend the Scudetto with dignity and pride (perhaps regaining it) and be competitive in the Champions League. In this sense, no longer just 175,000 readers, but tens of millions of Milan fans around the world will not feel betrayed in the end. The De Ketelaere soap opera does not make you forget Origi, 6 trophies with Liverpool in 3 years.

In the meantime, I enjoy a team back on the pitch with clear ideas, a will to emerge even more ironically, an intriguing Adli, a recharged Rebic, Leao a thousand and the certainty of the coach in a group destined to grow with each passing day.

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