Milly Carlucci and the separation from Angelo: the bitter truth, however, is quite another


The news that shocked the public and public opinion: Milly Carlucci and the separation from her husband. Here is the whole truth.

One of the most popular show women on the television scene is undoubtedly the spectacular Milly Carlucci, your career is truly incredible and has been at the helm of the successful program for many years now Dancing with the Stars.

The public loves Milly Carlucci because she is sunny, cheerful, always with a contagious smile on her lips, her sympathy and elegance in the conduct of programs is hard to match, which is why she has built a stable career.

As for instead his private life there have never been big scoops so farinstead, not so long ago there was talk of the separation from her husband. A news that has left the fans shocked, precisely because the couple Milly Carlucci and Angelo Donati seems to be one of those indissoluble, the two met in 1985 and have never left each other since.

A divorce comes like a bolt from the blue which shocks public opinion, but what is happening to this couple who have been linked for so many years?

Milly Carlucci separates from Angelo Donati?

Milly Carlucci and Angelo Donati, as the presenter herself tells, met when they were already adults, each with their own stories and experiences behind them and with a strong sense of family inherited from their respective parents.

They decided to get married and from their love came two children Angelica Krystle and Patrick Donati, over time they are one of the couples who managed to keep the maximum possible secrecy and a very close bond.

Meanwhile, Milly Carlucci was pursuing her career, the presenter began to take her first steps in the sector together with one of the greatest in the show. Renzo Arbore in the program ‘The other Sunday’, he later hosted a television must-have, the program we all still regret ‘Games without Frontiers’ which gave her the boost and reach the general public so much so that in the nineties she was considered one of the greatest personalities in the world of Italian television.

The projects in which he has taken part over time have been so many and all of great success, then in 2005 came the opportunity to conduct Dancing with the Stars and since then it has been love at first sight, there is no Dancing without Milly and vice versa, they complement each other, so much so that she has been leading it for 16 years now.

Milly Carlucci

Milly Carlucci’s career is full of great successes and satisfactions that we all know, however as regards her private life it is really difficult to find out something more, the few details that have come to light tell of his youthful flirtation with the athlete Marcello Guarducci, it soon ended when she met her husband, the entrepreneur Angelo Donati.

Precisely for this reason, when the news of the separation between the two came out, the web and public opinion heated up, what was happening to one of the most enduring and long-lived couples on television?

The whole truth about the divorce between Milly Carlucci and Angelo Donati

In the past the couple had gone through a really difficult time, However, things seemed to be settled, so when the news of the separation between the two came out it was one cold shower for the public that never expected to hear something like this.

What transpires from the indiscretion is that the couple had broken up because Angelo would not have particularly appreciated his wife becoming a sponsor for a line of face creams, a collaboration that he just didn’t want her to dobut Milly had already accepted and this was going to be the drop that would break the camel’s back.

Milly Carlucci

It was Milly Carlucci who broke the silence and talk about this situation by making very direct statements, “A Panama website gave the news of the divorce “then continues e the question becomes impressive, “At the bottom of the article was the coupon to order the cream. A nice scam that we reported to the postal police ”.

A paradoxical situation that saw the two spouses having to protect themselves through a complaint to the police not only for the false news, but precisely for the scam they were putting in place behind them.

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