Mirian Trevisan, the news that freezes the fans: “I thought I was dying”

Mirian Trevisan, the news that freezes the fans: “I thought I was dying”
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Mirian Trevisan still feels like Non è la Rai’s girlfriend, carefree, cheerful and full of energy, even if life has reserved some nasty surprises: “Is it a crime to feel young at 50?”asks the former gieffina. Feeling young, however, certainly does not mean being immature or at least not for Miriana: “I made mistakes, like everyone else. There are probably things I wouldn’t do again. And today I’m even more selective in my choices»He tells the Corriere della Sera. Just recently he admits that he made one of these mistakes against the much talked about leader of the League, Matteo Salvini: I’ve said things about him that I don’t think about. Here I would like to apologize“. The reference is to Salvini’s confession, who said he had a poster of Miriana Trevisan in his room as a young man.

I haven’t been pretty. I would like to tell him I’m sorry, I was fomented in that period. I am proud instead, she obviously has good taste. And I would like to meet him, after all he is a frontal, direct person. A bit like me. This is beyond political judgments“. Regarding her success, Miriana Trevisan admits that she struggled not to be overwhelmed: “I was overwhelmed by the criticism of so many women who eventually stimulated me“. But she worried for a long time that she had a high school diploma, that she hadn’t finished her studies. However, through her work, she helped her family financially from a young age: “She was modest, my dad worked in the printing press of the Bank of Italy. And I always said to him: but all that money that passes in front of you, what effect does it have on you?“.

From his parents, however, he learned the culture of respect for work. For example, to study dance, she worked to pay for her own tuition. The showgirl confessed the first purchase of her with the money earned, a television: “At home we only had one and I didn’t want to share it with my sister»He reveals Miriana Trevisan to the Corriere della Sera. But he also bought a bike to go to the Rai studios, before switching to mopeds. “Then, of course, I helped my family who lived the moment of maximum notoriety, unlike me, with a certain discomfort. To the point that they pretended not to be my relatives“. About his mentors he confesses that he never spoke directly with Gianni Boncompagni: “His assistants were there to tell us what to do. After years I saw it again and she said to me: “You were good, but very shy”“. Another story with Mike Buongiorno, with whom he had a good relationship:

We weren’t live but he was also studying my breaths. The first time in the studio she clarified to me: “You are not a valley but my assistant”“. Corrado defines «a gallant, attentive and kind man», While di Vianello recalls the irony and passion for chocolate. The woman also spoke of her about her retirement from the entertainment world: “I gave priority to other things, I felt the need to be alone for a while and as happens to all artists: when you are out no one remembers you anymore. A path that I wanted and that made me even stronger. When my son Nicola was born, I just wanted to be a mother“. Finally he tells of the disease: “I’ve seen death in the face. Like all the women in my family, I had been suffering for some time from endometriosis. I couldn’t control myself despite losing a lot of blood. I didn’t want to face reality. After a while, I found out I had uterine cancer. At that moment I was ashamed of the disease and did not tell anyone about it“. He reveals: «I really believed I was dying“.

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