Montesano with the ‘X Mas’ shirt expelled from Dancing with the stars


Montesano with the ‘X Mas’ shirt expelled from Dancing with the stars
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AGI – “What happened last night at ‘Dancing with the stars’, broadcast on Rai1, is unacceptable”. Rai writes it, in a note, after the controversy arising from the fact that the actor wore a shirt with the symbol of the X Mas in the program.

“It remains inadmissible that a competitor of a public service television program wears a T-shirt with a motto and a symbol that evoke one of the darkest pages of our history – reads nelal note – we apologize to all viewers and, in particular, to those who paid and suffered personally because of the Nazi-Fascism to which that symbolism refers “. “It is therefore Rai’s decision interrupt Enrico Montesano’s participation in the broadcast Saturday night ‘Dancing with the stars’ “.

It was Selvaggia Lucarelli, on the jury of the television program, who raised the case with a post on Twitter explaining that the one worn by the Roman comedian is the shirt “of a military formation and who fought alongside the Nazis against the partisans, as well as a symbol of neo-fascism “.

“I am deeply sorry and embittered for what happened during the rehearsals of the program. I am a collector of shirts, I have that of Mao, of the USSR, but I do not agree with this thought”. This is the post on Facebook by Enrico Montesano, excluded by Rai from the program ‘Dancing with the stars’ for having exhibited the X Mas t-shirt in the rehearsals.

“It wasn’t in me no intention of promoting political messages or condoning fascism from which I am deeply distant – specifies the actor -. I have always been a free and democratic man. I believe in the values ​​of the constitution and I deeply apologize to those who have felt offended and upset. It was naïve. I have nothing to do with Nazi-Fascism and all totalitarianisms and I deeply despise them. I still apologize. “

Montesano specified that the X Mas t-shirt worn during the rehearsals of “Dancing with the stars” had been viewed by Rai staff “without any objection” and made it known that he had mandated the lawyer Giorgio Assumma and his agent Settimio Colangelo to “examine the situation for to better protect “his” integrity “.

“I declare my absolute good faith and I remember being a left-wing member of parliamentin line with my political faith that certainly cannot be compared to the fascist one “, reads a post by the actor on Facebook after the news of the exclusion from the Rai 1 program.

“I specified that the shirt I was wearing, which is part of a collection of mine for years, is on public sale in Italian shops without anyone ever thinking it was an undemocratic propaganda tool “, Montesano explained.” I remember that the shirt contains a sentence by Gabriele D’Annunzio that is freely reproduced also in the study books of Italian literature adopted in schools “, he added.

Anpi, Rai’s decision after the indignation

The Anpi has defined “dutiful” the exclusion of Enrico Montesano from “Dancing with the stars” for the X Mas shirt worn during rehearsals.
“We learn from the press that Enrico Montesano has been excluded from the Dancing with the Stars program”, reads a tweet from the partisans’ association, “a dutiful decision that has received the indignation of many and many democrats and anti-fascists”.

X Mas, from Alexandria in Egypt to the Nazi massacres

The Decima Mas flotilla, also known as X Mas or ‘La Decima’ (was inspired by the X Legion of Julius Caesar), was born in 1941 as a special unit of assault vehicles of the Royal Italian Navy.

The acronym comes from “Memento audere semper” (remember to always dare)the slogan coined by Gabriele D’Annunzio, and the unit was the protagonist of several war incursions such as those of Suda Bay (25-26 March 1941) and especially that of Alexandria in Egypt on 19 December 1941, in which the pigs’ (torpedoes suitable for transporting two divers) sank the British battleships Valiant and Queen Elizabeth.
The X Mas is linked to the name of some well-known names of the Italian Navy, from Teseo Tesei who died in Malta in a failed operation, and Luigi Durand de La Penne, who were awarded Gold Medals for military valor.

With the armistice of 8 September 1943, the X Mas Flotilla underwent a split: the elements remaining at South renamed the unit “Mariassalto”, based in Taranto, and resumed fighting under the orders of the Allies. The bulk of the Decima was blocked in the port of La Spezia under the command of Junio ​​Valerio Borghese (future president of the MSI) and reorganized into an autonomous body, becoming part of the Republican National Navy and fighting alongside the Third Reich.

After an attack on a train Parma-La Spezia where some of his marines died, La Decima ordered a roundup which led to the death of 12 partisans. And, even if they officially declared they were fighting against the Anglo-Americans and not against the Italians, the men of the flotilla also took part in violent actions against the civilian population, such as the Nazi massacre of Forno, in the province of Massa, or that of Borgo Ticino. , considered war crimes.


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