Morning Banana Diet: Do you really lose weight on the banana diet? – Quotidianpost


Morning Banana Diet: Do you really lose weight on the banana diet?  – Quotidianpost
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There Morning Banana Diet also called Asa Banana Diet is a system that would allow you to lose three kilos in four days by having breakfast with just one banana. A no-stress diet that allows you to show off a great body in view of autumn. Apparently it not only helps you lose weight, but also helps fight vascular disease.

Morning Banana Diet: what it consists of

It was 2008 when the famous Japanese opera singer Kumiko Mori claimed to have lost weight on the Morning Banana Diet. In that period the purchases of this fruit increased considerably after what was stated by Mori. As Il Messaggero informs, the idea of ​​a banana-based diet was conceived by the pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe, an expert in yoga, fitness and natural medicine.

Sumiko Watanabe she created this diet to help her husband Hitoshi Watanabe lose weight. A diet that would have miraculous effects. But what does science say about it? Well, the Morning Banana Diet is considered a “Fad Diet”, that is a trendy food method, but not sufficiently balanced and lacking any scientific validity.

Meanwhile, Sumiko Watanabe has become a star

Although science rejects the validity of the Morning Banan Diet, in the meantime Sumiko Watanabe has made proselytes and many follow his advice. It is no coincidence that the Japanese pharmacist has become a star in the motherland by writing several books that have now become best-sellers. The woman also boasts a community on Internet. In the end, if the banana is your favorite fruit, even if you don’t have the effects indicated by the Morning Banana Diet, having a good breakfast based on fruit can only be good!

How the ‘diet’ would work

The Morning Banana Diet is not a “rigid diet” but a flexible one. Just eat a banana a day, without having to dose any amount of food. Moreover, this system does not prevent you from continuing to try your favorite dishes for the rest of the day. If you are particularly hungry in the morning, you can also eat more than one banana, accompanied (recommended) by warm water. However, it is advisable to avoid high-calorie meals at lunch and dinner, in favor of healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Bananas contain B vitamins and tryptophan, both of which create a calming effect and lower stress.

Exercise is not a requirement, although low impact workouts are allowed. There banana morning diet has some restrictions, including ice cream and dairy products. Sweets and alcohol are allowed, but must be kept to a minimum. The ingredient eliminated from this diet is it sugarFurthermore, two rules must be followed: the first is to have dinner before 8 pm, without eating anything until the next morning. The second rule is to go to sleep by midnight.

Many argue that weight loss on this diet is none other than the calorie reductionSince fruit is preferred for breakfast, there is a reduction in sugar, dairy products and alcohol.

Banana Diet Example

Breakfast: 3 peeled bananas, 1 glass skimmed milk

Snack: Green tea

Lunch: Wholemeal pasta with courgettes and natural tuna: 100 grams of courgettes, 80 grams of tuna and 80 grams of pasta, 1 tablespoon of Olio Evo.

Snack: 1 Banana

Dinner: Cod 200 gr, Grilled eggplant 200 gr, bread 50 gr, 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

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