Mosquito bites, the effective and natural remedy that is taken orally or used as a spray with immediate effect


Here comes the heat, the summer and the holidays, but also the mosquito bites. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to avoid them.

In this article we talk about a natural element which can help ward off mosquitoes. Insects should be eliminated as soon as we see them, to avoid nuisance. On the market we can easily find a product called Ledum Palustreand it’s much loved because it is effective and available in several formulations.

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Ledum Palustre is the scientific name of a natural element among the most appreciated in the fight against mosquitoes. It is also called Rhododendron tomentosum or wild rosemary. The formulations suitable for all make it effective and much loved by mothers because they can safeguard the most delicate skin of children.

The stings in fact, they are mosquitoes annoying in itself but can sometimes represent a serious health hazard. Let’s think about the Zika virus, which damages millions of people every year worldwide.

How Ledum Palustre works on mosquito bites

The property of this plantknown since ancient times, are very special. They seem to be able to change the smell of human sweat. In this way the mosquitoes no longer “recognize” us as “attractive victims”. The whole, without using chemicals. We specify that the change in smell is something imperceptible to us and therefore does not cause inconvenience of any kind.

For get the maximum benefit, we can assume the Ledum in the form of granules. They go dissolved under the tongue 2 or 3 times a day. It would be optimal to start using Ledum as early as May and until October. Homeopathic remedies, as we know, are not “instant” and it takes the body a while to benefit from their effects.

Obviously, even if they are natural elementsbefore taking Ledum or other remedies of any kind it is good to consult your family doctor. Or the pediatrician in the case of children. Furthermore, on the effectiveness of homeopathy there are still gods doubts. Some people claim to receive immense benefits, others not to feel any effects.

Where to buy Ledum Palustre and which formulation to choose

The active ingredient of this plant it is available both in granules and in packs of spray product, for external use. Those who do not want to “risk” taking Ledum by mouth can therefore choose the latter solution.

All the Ledum-based products are easily found in pharmacies or in stores specializing in natural remedies. The granules do not need a prescription. The spray they can only contain the Ledum or have other natural ingredients and extracts of plant which they famously are mosquito repellents.

Before buying the spray solution, however, is always good read the label and check the INCI. In fact, they could also be found in the emulsion parabens and siliconeswhich are chemical preservatives potentially harmful to the skin. So the advice is to ask for advice from experienced personnel.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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