Moto 650: once upon a time they were the maxi. Here are 5 seiemezzo roads for everyone – News –


Moto 650: once upon a time they were the maxi.  Here are 5 seiemezzo roads for everyone – News –
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The 650 displacement was for a long time the peak to strive for in terms of performance and prestige. Today we find it in a wide range of models with two, three and four-cylinder engines

August 18, 2022

D.fter the 750, we now offer you a review of another “important” displacement: the 650 cc. It is a volume that for a long time represented the apex of the wishes of many motorcyclists and whose most common form of expression was the English school parallel twin cylinder. For many years, from the mid-1950s onwards, the displacements most desired by road motorcyclists were those around the “seiemezzo”: AJS, BSA, Triumph, Norton but also Benelli (although it arrived a little late compared to other brands) and some Japanese manufacturers (just think that Kawasaki started their adventure in the two wheels with a 650 related to a BSA) had a 650 cc motorcycle on their list. At the end of the 60s, however, a real revolution arrives, that of the high performance four cylinders and gradually the 650 displacement begins to lose consensus among the most geeky motorcyclists and then arrive, today, to represent almost the entry-level. With performance often superior – and much – to the ancestors, but in many cases susceptible to being driven with driving license A2.

In this review we propose you five representatives of this category, deliberately leaving aside the maxi enduro / crossover of the same displacement for a future review. They range from the “classic” twin-cylinder in-line to the V-shaped one, passing through the four-cylinder, while – almost ironically – the only Englishman in the lot has a three-cylinder engine and the most adherent to the Albionic heritage is the Indian Royal Enfield which, however, has strong roots in the UK both historical and on the theme of technology and development of its current line-up.

H.CBR650 R wave

The only fairing of the lot and the only four cylinders, the Honda CBR650 R is a sport-touring that takes advantage of the common platform of the naked sister CB650 R. Comfortable even if with half-handlebars and one of the few fairings that are not openly touristy to welcome the passenger without torturing him. It has a sporty look but dimensions, performance and costs (purchase and management) appreciably low for the category. It is also the most powerful of the motorcycles in review: its 16-valve twin cam inline “four-cylinder” is capable of 95 horsepower at 12,000 rpm (value that allows the derivation of a depotentiable 35 kW version that can be driven with an A2 license) e 64 Nm at 8,500 rpmthe bike weighs 208 kg in odm In price list a 9,190 euros fc

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K.awasaki Z650RS

Kawasaki celebrates in 2022 the first 50 years of the very successful Z series, the one that began with the amazing Z1 900 of 1972, with four Z50th celebratory models (Z650, Z650RS, Z900 and Z900RS) in evocative liveries and exclusive finishes. Within this review dedicated to the 650 cc we have chosen to offer you the Z650RS, the classic media that refers directly to its ancestor of the 70s and available, as mentioned, also in an anniversary version. Its engine gives off 68 horsepower at 8000 revs and 64 Nm at 6700 and the weight is 187 kg in odm, for easy and fun driving. The Z650RS costs 8.440 euros fc

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Suzuki SV 650

The Suzuki SV650 is the only road medium equipped with a V-twin engine still in production; the model has a long history (apart from the Gladius parenthesis) but still boasts respectable performance and equipment: The engine V2 of 90 ° and of 645 cc has distribution double shaft and four valves per cylinder, double candle ignition, injection bodies with double valve throttle, easy start system and Low RPM Assist. I got the homologation Euro 5 without sacrificing performance: 76 horses of maximum power at 8,500 rpm 64 Nm of maximum torque. The average consumption in the WMTC cycle is 26 km / liter. It costs 6,890 euros fc

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