Motorbikes and scooters incentives 2022: you don’t know how to use the bonus? Here’s what to buy now


There are so many electric or hybrid scooters on the market to the point that even using the new incentives arrived in 2022 can seem difficult. We will help you by proposing a couple of models.

Approved on April 6, the incentives of the Ecobonus 2022 are now in force: these measures launched to facilitate the ecological transition, for those who do not know, provide a 30% discount on the purchase of an electric or hybrid two-wheeler or 40% on an expense exceeding 4,000 euros for those who should scrapping a vehicle of the same category Euro 0 or Euro 3. An interesting saving margin, in short.

Piaggio 1, fully electric (

Let’s assume you are interested in using this bonus right away. What to buy? The market is definitely saturated with electric two-wheelers of all types and price categories. Today we offer you some more or less expensive alternatives and start “playing at home” with a couple of products from our Piaggio company. How about the nice scooter above?

The Piaggio 1 it can be considered the cheaper little brother of the Vespa. This fully electric scooter with a battery of about 1KW and a half very easy to change: it is a new vehicle, released just last year, so it does not risk going out of fashion quickly. Most importantly, it has a list price of around 2,700 Euros which means that you would pay for it with the bonus around 1,600 for a total discount of 800. Not bad. But suppose you are okay with spending a little more….

From top to flop

The obvious choice if you like the brand is the Piaggio Vespa electric, a rather expensive moped but definitely worth the investment. This vehicle costs 7,000 euros when new but reaches a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour and has a range of 100 kilometers. You can use ECO mode to limit your speed to 45 kilometers per hour, making the charge last longer. Calculator in hand, with a 40% discount you would pay it 4,200 euros which seems to us a more reasonable figure.

Vespa ANSA 21705_2022 Quattromania
Piaggio Vespa Green (Ansa)

Too Much Money? Okay, let’s go below 2,000 euros. How about the NIU Mqi + Sport? This scooter with an unpronounceable name should not be underestimated, being one of the best for value for money on the market. With a price of 2,299 euros, thanks to the incentives you would pay just over 1,600 making it extremely attractive. The only flaw, the autonomy is a bit low: just 55 kilometers, half of the Vespa. But the price makes up for it.

Mqi scooter 21_05_2022 Quattromania
Three NIUs parked in a row (Instagram)

Now a tip on how don’t spend your money, instead. You might be tempted to find something even cheaper: if you google “low cost electric scooter”, many of the results that are offered to you by the search engine come from a site that Quattromania enthusiasts know well and not positively: Ali Baba.

On the site there are electric scooters of dubious origin which even without the incentives cost between 500 and 400 Euros. Very interesting. Too bad that as we have seen in the past, these vehicles come from obscure companies scattered all over the world and do not have an impeccable reputation in terms of reliability and resistance. Listen to us, take advantage of the incentives: spending a little more now is better than passing out from the mechanic afterwards!

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