Mourinho and Roma, a silence that makes noise: what is happening


Mourinho and Roma, a silence that makes noise: what is happening
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Mourinho landed in Fiumicino at 8.30 in the evening, when the sun was still warm and the highway was crowded with those returning from the sea. Forty days after the victory of the Conference League the Special One gets back to work, the meeting is set for tomorrow, from 12 to 24 August Roma will move to Portugal. After a vacation period, during which he has always followed the Roma transfer market, the coach has created anticipation for his return, posting photos on social media, reiterating his desire for a competitive team. Tiago Pinto, after making three signings, is halfway through the job. Two midfielders are missing to reach the goal set by Mourinho and then the enigma Zaniolo remains to be solved.

Mourinho does not speak: that’s why

The Portuguese coach arrived from London in the evening and is ready to get back to work. With unchanged enthusiasm, starting from where he left off: from the triumph of Tirana. To make the Giallorossi fans still experience certain moments, he needs a competitive team. He wants to bring Roma back to the Champions League, but there is still distance with Inter, Juventus and Milan. When he left Terminal 3 at 21.04 he found a Roma driver and five reporters. Sporty outfit, blue T-shirt jeans, sneakers, eyeglasses on his head, very serious, he dribbled the journalists by stopping them at the first question: “I will speak on August 13th“. Mourinho the communicator did not want to make statements, postponing the meeting with journalists on the eve of the championship debut in Salerno. He said goodbye and left with his trolley and with its anxieties.

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Mourinho, Rome shocks on the market: the objectives

AC Milan’s offer for Zaniolo

Tiago Pinto carries on the inbound and outbound negotiations. For Zaniolo, Roma could drop to 40 million, but he just wants cash. In the talks with Milan, an offer of 30 million plus Castillejo, but Roma did not accept. If anything, Mourinho might like it Pobega, 22 years old, central midfielder, but Pioli absolutely does not want to deprive himself. With Milan they will resent, just as with Juventus, for Zaniolo Roma is waiting for an offer that they can consider satisfactory. An offer that doesn’t exist yet. Talks with Sassuolo will resume this week for Frattesi. Volpato is the key to the operation, Carnevali has agreed to enter the striker after having rejected Felix e having cashed the no for Bove. There is still distance, but the impression is that in the end the deal will be made above all on the push of the player who only wants Roma and can’t wait to go home.

Rome, many tests: even Ascoli

Mourinho he wants to start the season to give continuity to the team. He achieved a great result, bringing back to Rome a trophy that had been missing for fourteen years. But he knows that to repeat himself you have to improve. He had made it clear to the Friedkins, immediately after celebrating their European success together. Roma is having difficulties on the market, like almost all other clubs. He has to try to sell in order to to please Mourinho and the sale of Zaniolo it would help to make cash for the purchases that are missing. But there are also fifteen players to settle, many of whom will not be called up for retirement in Portugal. Mourinho wants to bring Roma ready at the start of the championship. The team will play almost ten friendlies before the debut against Salernitana. One was scheduled in Trigoria against Ascoli at the end of the month, returning from Portugal and before playing in Israel against Tottenham.

Rome, Celik has landed in Fiumicino: here is Mourinho's new full-back

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Rome, Celik has landed in Fiumicino: here is Mourinho’s new full-back

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