Mourinho moves, the strategy to bring Dybala to Rome


Mourinho moves, the strategy to bring Dybala to Rome
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One effort over budgetthe bang of the difference: José Mourinho insists, he wants Paulo Dybala. He is the only player who has asked Roma with a decision, convinced that he can guarantee the team the leap in quality towards the top ranking. It will not be easy to convince the Friedkins and perhaps not even Dybala, who is waiting for Inter and has been reassured by Marotta after the alarming statements of recent days. But Mourinhodissatisfied with the current squad, continues to press the Argentine button because he still hopes to blow it to the competition. Paradoxically it could be Edin Dzekowho last year created a certain dismay when he decided to go to Inter, to help Roma: he must be the one to free up the place in Dybala in Appiano Gentile, given that he earns more or less the amount requested by Joya.

Because Dybala could say yes to Roma

In Rome, in the two meetings dating back to late spring, the prosecutor Antun had asked 8 million net per season for three years, plus hefty commissions and entry bonuses. These assumptions had taken away all fantasy from Tiago Pinto, who must mediate between Mourinho’s ambitions and the Friedkin’s needs. As the days went by, however, Dybala realized that the market has changed. And while understandably preferring the showcase of the Champions League, and a stronger team, he is oriented to lower the demands for find a safe haven. As a free agent he hoped to find the row under the house, but instead he discovered the loss of the golden unemployment. Roma, with the load of passion that accompanies it, are now an emotional temptation, after the frost experienced in recent weeks at Juventus. And the presence of Mourinho represents a certainty in terms of the project, of which Dybala would become one of the cornerstones.

It is clear, however, that Rome, struggling with a complex financial restructuring, must first sell Zaniolo to think about hiring a champion on offense. Think about it: if Zaniolo ends up at Juve, Roma could get the equivalent of an exchange of at least 40 million plus Dybala. If we had imagined it six months ago, the hypothesis would have been ridiculous. Today, however, although very difficult, it is a real possibility.

The other names of the Roma market

Meanwhile, Roma continues to monitor the midfielders: Davide Frattesiwhich seemed very close, is likely to jump because Sassuolo, which is selling Scamacca to PSG for its weight in gold, has not moved from request for 30 million. At the same time Sergio Oliveira, which Mourinho would have liked to have only returned on loan, is about to be sold by Porto to Galatasaray. Since Tiago Pinto has promised the coach two players in the department, in addition to Matic, he could agree to keep Veretout and invest in a single quality player. A younger Mkhitaryan, whose research is still ongoing. Among the attackers, however, he came out into the open Ola Solbakken, arrow of Bodo / Glimt that Rome has blocked for some time. “I could stay in Norway until December, then I’ll leave“. In Trigoria they would also be happy to take him on a free transfer in January, settling in the meantime Carles Perez in Spain.

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Rome, the market objectives: if Zaniolo starts, here is who can arrive

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