Mourinho: “Next year I’ll stay with Roma and we’re aiming for the Champions League”


Mourinho: “Next year I’ll stay with Roma and we’re aiming for the Champions League”
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The coach’s words: “We want to try to finish fourth, but when you look at the investment level of Inter, Milan and Juventus, you realize that these places should be closed.”

Mourinho gave an interview to Sky Sport UK. Many topics were discussed, the coach talked about the goals for next season, the relationship he has with Mkhitaryan and Matic. Here are his words:

On the relationship with Mkhitaryan.“We have won three titles together (Community Shield, League Cup, Europa League) at Man United, unfortunately the last three titles of the Red Devils. I say ‘unfortunately’ because, yes, I like him a lot and I wish him the best. We won three titles together, so everything went well. In the second season, things went differently. At the beginning of the year people were saying, “Miki with Jose has no chance.” It was proved exactly the opposite. We were very mature, honest with each other at that moment also with Raiola, rest in peace Mino, the discussion was very good. I always try to be very honest with the players. I saw that my project in Rome needs a player like Miki, I also understand his importance in the group and he is having a fantastic season “.

On Smalling.“With Chris (Smalling) it was about finding a balance on his body that allows him to play regularly. He’s experienced and has great qualities. Chris is doing very well this season, playing at a level that makes me really happy with him because he is a fantastic player. He is recognized in Italy as ‘Smalldini’, half Smalling, half (Paolo) Maldini. He is doing amazing things for us. “

What are the goals for the second season?“We want to try to enter the Champions League, but when you look at how much Inter, Milan and Juventus can invest, you realize that these places should be closed. There is a fourth place, last season it was for Atalanta, this season it’s for Napoli, can we get there next season? I think so. In this second half of the year, after the transfer market in January, we made small changes to improve the team. what they want. By doing things with a criterion we can improve. Next season after this year of work and evolution we will have a chance to finish fourth. This is the next goal. “

Do you like Matic?“I never like talking about other players, I don’t think it’s good for me, for the club, for the players. Everyone knows my relationship with Nemanja, he is one of the guys who has my trust. We won together, we have also fought together in United. He is a fantastic player, but this is the kind of response that is not good for me or for the player. “

About the future. “Right now, everything is very calm because I have another two years of contract. The club has not approached me for renewal so as not to put me in a situation of acceptance or non-acceptance. Everything is calm, stable and so must I have to finish the year in the best possible way and start next season 100% because I’m not looking for a change, my people know that. I couldn’t leave the club in my second season, I couldn’t do it. So next season I am here. I learned what Newcastle is and how to really appreciate the club through the eyes and heart of Sir Bobby. I am very happy that they have found their stability. Eddie (Howe) is doing a good job, the club has given the tools for a change in the January market and I wish them the best. “

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