Mourning in the world of haute cuisine: thus it loses a great star


Mourning in the world of haute cuisine: thus it loses a great star
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In Alassio, a star of the firmament of national haute cuisine went out, the great chef who was one of the creators of Ligurian seafood cuisine was 91 years old.

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When a loved one passes away it is always a bad blow, a piece of history goes away and gives a family carrying memories of a life cultivated with care and a lot of passion.

This has been achieved even more with the recent departure of one of the greatest cornerstones of Italian cuisine, which over the years has given prestige to the Ligurian sea food and wine tradition that still today gives it the utmost credit and respect.

He was the owner of the famous ‘Palma’ restaurant in Alassio, closed about 10 years ago. He had the merit of bringing the first Michelin star in the City of the Murettoall after putting aside a law degree to devote himself to his greatest passion.

Now the restaurant world mourns him, alongside friends and family who have been close to him until the last days of his life. We know better Silvio Viglietti.

Chef Silvio Viglietti, one of the creators of Ligurian seafood, died at the age of 91. Creators because up to the 1960s, with the national economic boom, Liguria had always been an area with an earthy cuisine.


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L’arrival of foreign tourists however he made sure that all the restaurants in the area converted theirs menu with that of fishas expected from a coastal area and which all holidaymakers wanted to savor once they arrived in the place.

As tells us, Silvio, in addition to designing a regional cuisine with a tourist value, did one more thing, he understood the importance offood-wine pairing.

He was among the first sommeliers, enhanced Ligurian winesbut the Palma cellar was definitely well stocked with Italian and foreign bottles and sparkling wines ”.

“Maniacal care also in the dining room, with Flanders tablecloths, silver cutlery, fine ceramic plates. A passion bequeathed to his son Massimo, who has been starred several times, for ten years in Rome, and he too has great writing skills“.

In 2020 his wife Fiorita died with whom he had been married for 65 years, a de facto couple in life and work, always together. Silvio always gave her the credit for her personal success and repeatedly said that the Michelin star was half of Fiorita’s too.

Many messages have reached social media from Alassio restaurateurs who loved him like a father or a grandfather. Among these, the one of Carlomaria Balzolaowner of the historic café-pastry shop in the Baia del Sole, who wrote:

Cacciucco alla livornese Christmas menu recipe
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Alassio loses a historical figure: Silvio Viglietti, owner of the Palma restaurant, the first Michelin star in Alassio. Pioneer of tourism, the first to transform the offer of simple traditional Ligurian cuisine into an identity of the territory and taking it to prestigious levels. Goodbye Lawyer, thank you“.

Silvio Viglietti leaves his son Massimo, also a starred chef in Rome. The date of the funeral has not yet been confirmed.

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