Mucus in stool: it’s worse than blood, what to do immediately and what it means –


Beware of this incredible phenomenon. Here’s why mucus in stool is worse than blood and what to do right away

Thinking about our health should never be a secondary habit to leave out as the last things to do. Often work, study and many other daily commitments steal so much time from us that they can overshadow really important things, such as our health.

mucus in stool, Ilovetrading

That’s why, when something strange happens to our body it matters don’t underestimate it never and try to understand more, especially if it is the first time it happens and our instinct makes us turn on a bell of alarm. In this article we want to tell you about a rather rare but very worrying phenomenon: the mucus in stool. Here’s why it’s worse than blood in your stool and what to do right away when you notice it.

Mucus in stool: what it means and what to do

As we age it is considered quite normal to go against a problems, not always serious, regarding one’s own organism. In particular, when i 50 years it is recommended to do a stool test to prevent problems that may arise. Among these are those concerning occult blood, linked to problems of the intestinal tract. The presence of mucus in I didin fact, it could be a alarm bell which requires further investigation. But what is worrying, perhaps even more so, is when there is mucus in the stool.

This is one slimy substance and yellowish color characterized by fats, electrolytes, water and glycoproteins. Not everyone knows what this substance is naturally present in the faeces, but in such quantities that they do not allow it to be visible. In the event that, on the other hand, the mucus is visible to the naked eye it is necessary to investigate further with further investigations and contact your doctor.

Mucus in stool: it's worse than blood, what to do right away and what it means
mucus in stool, Ilovetrading

This substance is naturally produced by mucous membranes and mucicular glands present within our body. Although it is considered something of concern, it is a very useful substance, especially for ours intestine as it has lubricating and protective properties. However, if this were to be present in excess, it could prove to be a particularly worrying sign.

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A’excessive amount of mucus inside the feces could mean the presence of pathologies within the digestive tract. To make sure of the presence of mucous in the feces it is necessary to see that on the toilet paper and on the walls of the toilet there are yellowish and gelatinous substances. But what does this phenomenon mean? Indeed, mucus in the stool could indicate an intestinal infection, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndromeceliac disease, anal fissures and a food allergy.

It’s important Not underestimatetherefore, these signals, and alert your own doctor, who will be able to tell us how to behave. It is right to worry when the mucus in the stool is accompanied by others symptoms important and by no means underestimated. We are talking about a possible leak bloodmade of black colour, abdominal pain and nausea. These are important signs that absolutely must be reported to your doctor. In the meantime, it would be useful to try to improve one’s own dietincreasing the amount of liquids and using probiotics that can be good for our intestines.

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