Naples, goodbye to the trans “Giannina”: it inspired a song by Pino Daniele


Naples, goodbye to the trans “Giannina”: it inspired a song by Pino Daniele
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NoonJune 3, 2022 – 9:34 pm

It was a hugely popular cigarette smuggler in the city center
On the occasion of the Gay Pride two years ago it was celebrated with a comic

from Vincenzo Esposito

Giannina is gone. As quietly as when the night wandered among the tables of Piazza Bellini, in Naples, selling papers, tobacco and cigarettes. Everyone knew her and everyone knew of the urban legend, the one that wanted her to be the muse of Pino Daniele. It was her nu good boyit was she who wanted to be called Teresa, she was the most famous of the invisibles.

But Giannina did not know this or maybe he pretended not to know. She never told him, even to those who asked her about her life. And then she smiled and answered Ehh, lot and trouble. But you vvu accatt sti maps?.

It was one of the faces of Naples, almost a symbol, of those who live under the radar but who never give up contact with people. Pino Daniele, like all Neapolitans, had known her, seen her, when he was young. She hung out between the Decumani, the Cavone and the Pignasecca, the latter two populous neighborhoods in the center of Naples. Her story dazzled black in half who made a bitter, angular and sang portrait of her outspoken, a bit like she was.

Addressing the issue of homosexuality and transsexuality, arguments considered tab in the early 1980s it was a revolution in music. Chillo nu good boy and I want to be a ladybut what do life under a lamp post and when midnight comes it goes down and tears.

Pino meets Giannina, he knows about his dreams, about his difficulties. He sees her on the street, perhaps already when a student of the Diaz to the Courts. He sings it and uses popular and bad terms because people have to understand what to call ricchione a boy takes away the possibility of being accepted and popularbecause hope then go out into the street and shout so ‘normal and nisciuno tells me nothing and neither does the road. It was 1979, Giannina was at the dawn of other dark times, then she walked the road, she saw the world change around her. She has been going out at night lately even when he was sick, he continued to walk the alleys of the Decumani with his bag of papers and tobacco, an unexpected salvation for those who had run out of cigarettes between one beer and another. In recent times he used to go around with a stick before, then with a baby walker to help her walk. she stayed home only the last few days. Giannina is gone and the rumor on social media in Naples was immediate and continuous. The most famous invisible, the icon of a Naples that continues to resist and shouts its own diversity. Ideal shepherd of a nativity scene in which no one has ever thought of making her a statuette. The photo of him is not there, but there is a drawing in which he is the protagonist. That of Coicomics made on the occasion of the Naples Pride two years ago. Once again at the center of a piece of art, unknowingly. Giannina doesn’t know, but she has done a lot for LGBT battles. The world, fortunately, is no longer that of when it was Nu buona guaglione.

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June 3, 2022 | 21:34


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