Napoli-Empoli 2-0: Lozano and Zielinski, tenth consecutive success for Spalletti


Napoli-Empoli 2-0: Lozano and Zielinski, tenth consecutive success for Spalletti
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Today Spalletti’s team was not as brilliant as on other occasions, but once again it was the benches who solved it: a super Lozano and Zielinski. The absence of was felt Kvaratskhelia against a well-fielded and perfectly organized Empoli from Paolo Zanetti. Until the episode of the penalty.


95 ‘- It’s over: Napoli-Empoli 2-0

Final whistle of Pairetto: Napoli obtains the tenth consecutive victory in the league by beating Empoli 2-0.


92 ‘- Bajrami engages Meret

Bajrami commits Meret trying to reopen the game, but there is nothing to be done.


90 ‘- Henderson warned

Henderson warnedSpalletti inserts Demme and Simeone for Lobotka and Osimhen.


88 ‘- Doubling of Zielinski

Lozano again on the rightParisi jumps, and then puts in the area where Zielinski arrives and doubles with a low shot.


85 ‘- Ekong for Marin

Enter striker Ekong for Marin in Empoli.


74 ‘- Luperto sent off

Red card for Luperto: second yellow after foul on the wild Lozano.


73 & # 39; – Zanetti changes again

Enter HENDERSON and GRASSI for Baldanzi and Bandinelli


69 ‘- Napoli’s goal with Lozano

Lozano scores from a penaltydespite Vicario having got there!


68 & # 39; – Penalty for Napoli

Parisi blocks Osimhen in the area: penalty for Napoli


65 & # 39; – Spalletti makes three changes

Three changes for Napoli: Enter Elmas, Lozano and Zielinski for Raspadori, Politano and Ndombele


62 & # 39; – Osimhen with the head threatens Vicar

Raspadori’s free kick and Osimhen’s big header: high on the crossbar.


61 ‘- Parisi warned

Fourth yellow in Empoli: Parisi for a foul on Politano


59 ‘- Two changes for Empoli

Akpa Akpro for Haas and Lammers for Satriano in Empoli.


57 ‘- Ostigard warned

Ostigard stops with the bad Bajrami and is cautioned.


53 ‘- Napoli and Empoli shooting

Raspadori wins a rebound and low crosses for Anguissa: ball out. Then Bandinelli pulls high on the crossbar on the other side.


46 ‘- Napoli-Empoli starts again

Naples-Empoli starts again: there are no substitutions in the two teams.


45 & # 39; – Naples close to scoring with Raspadori

Osimhen-Ndombele-Raspadori action, ball whistling near the post. The first half ends at 0-0.


39 ‘- Shot by Raspadori, easy for Vicario

First shot on goal by Raspadori from the center of the area, but an easy ball for Vicario. Then Luperto warned.


35 ‘- Resists the 0-0 at Maradona

Napoli forward, but Empoli dangerous at the restart. Still no shot on goal and 0-0.


22 ‘- Satriano warned for Empoli

Second yellow card for Empoli: has thrown the ball away after a foul. This is Satriano.


15 ‘- Balance: we are always 0-0, Bandinelli warned

Napoli tries to play the game, Empoli well fielded. A Mario Rui shot after a free kick from Raspadori, but wide. We are 0-0. Bandinelli warned.


1 ‘- Napoli-Empoli: it begins

Napoli-Empoli has begun: kick-off beaten by Spalletti’s team.


Zielinski: “We remember well the 6 points we lost last year”

Piotr Zielinski launches the match against Empolieven if it will start from the bench: “We don’t have to say anything about Empoli, let’s remember what happened last year, we lost 6 very important points with them, so today we have to play our game and win it.”


Napoli-Empoli: it is the race of the former

Napoli-Empoli is the race of the former. There are six of them on the pitch this afternoon at Maradona. On the one hand, in addition to the coach Spalletti, Di Lorenzo, Mario Rui and Zielinski; on the other, Grassi, Luperto and Tonelli.


Napoli-Empoli: the official formations: Raspadori from 1 ‘

Here are the official formations of Napoli-Empolikick-off at 18:30.

Naples: Meret, Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Kim, Mario Rui, Anguissa, Lobotka, Ndombele, Politano, Osimhen, Raspadori. Coach: Spalletti.
Empoli: Vicar, Stojanovic, Ismajli, Liuperto, Parisi, Haas, Marin, Bandinelli, Baldanzi, Bajrami, Satriamo. Coach: P. Zanetti.


Naples, beware of the black beast

Naples, beware of your black beast, that is Empoli. In the last three precedents in the league, in fact, the Tuscans have always made full loot against the Campania blues. Last year, the incredible 3-2 inside and the 1-0 at Maradona, in 2019 the 2-1 at Castellani. Napoli’s latest success was on November 2, 2018: a 5-1 round.


Naples, with Empoli for the tenth

Spalletti’s blues can win their tenth consecutive game in Serie A against the Tuscans. Kvaratskhelia and Rrahmani are still missing.

Naples – Maradona Stadium

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