Napoli-Lille 1-4 live: Spalletti still ko at ‘Maradona’ LIVE


Napoli-Lille 1-4 live: Spalletti still ko at ‘Maradona’ LIVE
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90’+4′ – The match is over: Napoli-Lille 1-4

Triple whistle at ‘Maradona’: the friendly Napoli-Lille ended with Fonseca’s French beating Spallerri’s Azzurri 4-1


90’+3′ – Napoli scores through Raspadori

Napoli goals: to move the ‘score’ for the blues is Raspadori who, served by Mario Rui, chooses to focus on precision and place the ball in the corner with the right plate.


88′ – David misses the fifth goal

Restart of Lille che fails however the fifth goal: kicking high from a good position is David.


87′ – Djalo saves on Raspadori

Napoli insists: good starting point Zerbin which it then downloads for Raspadoriwhose shot was deflected for a corner by Djalo (like Bamba in the viewfinder of Naples).


86′ – Mario Rui kicks in the corner

The result is now compromised but the Naples look for at least the flag goal: he tries Mario Rui what a kick though cornering from the distance.


83′ – Three substitutions for Spalletti

Three changes in Spalletti’s Napoli: out Juan Jesus, Di Lorenzo and Kvaratskhelia which give way to Beard, Zanoli and Zedadka.


82′ – Poker from Lille: Bamba scores

Lille ‘serves’ the poker: to score is Bambawho bags everything only at the far post finishing David’s assist (triggered by Ounas). Naples is now down 4-0.


77′ – Amonito Ndombele

Another one admonition for Napoli: after Mario Rui it is yellow to remedy Ndombele for dangerous play.


76′ – The former Ounas scores: 3-0 Lille

Third network of Lille: to finalize a quick restart is Ounasex of the evening at ‘Maradona’, which mock Meret passing the ball between his legs and then does not rejoice as a sign of respect for the Azzurri fans.


72′ – Triple move by Fonseca

Triple replacement in Fonseca’s Lille: inside Bamba (which Napoli likes), Bayo and Ramet which take the place of Cabella, Virginius and Weah.


71′ – Raspadori is in for the 4-2-3-1

Another exchange in Naples: he enters the field Raspadori which takes the place of Elmas: Spalletti so go to 4-2-3-1.


69′ – Triple substitution in Napoli

Triple substitution in Napoli: out Osimhen, Politano and Lobotka which give way to Simeone, Gaetano and Zerbin


68′ – Mario Rui booked

Yellow card for Mario Rui: yellow card for Napoli full-back for a late tackle on Cabella in mid-field


63′ – Double Lille: David scores

Doubling from Lille: hole from Ostigard who miscalculates the trajectory of a pitch and David doesn’t make a mistake all alone in front of Meter. The French are now ahead 2-0 on Napoli.


62′ – Andre Gomes can’t make it: another substitution

Another exchange in Lille: out André Gomes who surrenders to physical problems and within Baleba.


61′ – Double substitution in Lille: Ounas inside

Double change in Lille: outside Angel Gomes and Zhegrova, Fonseca throw into the fray the former Neapolitan Ounas and David


59′ – Andre Gomes ko, game stopped

Problems for André Gomes who remains on the ground after a foul in midfield by Juan Jesus: game stopped to allow the medical staff of Lille to rescue the midfielder.


52′ – High shot from Kvaratskhelia

It’s the same Kvaratskhelia to take charge of kicking the punishment from the edge for Napoli: right turn of the light blue exterior e high ball over the crossbar.


51′ –

Kvaratskhelia lying on the edge of the area

Initiative of Kvaratskhelia who carries the ball to the edge of the area where it comes from laid out from a Lille defender: punishment for Napoli from an inviting position.


47′ – Angel Gomes immediately tries

He’s from Lille la first chance: Andre Gomes fishing between lines Angel Gomes who kicks on goal, the conclusion comes deflected but not surprising Meret which blocks without too much trouble.


46′ – Off to the second half of Napoli-Lille

Started on second half of Naples-Lille: i french from Fonseca they are ahead 1-0 against Spalletti’s Azzurri.


45’+2′ – Halftime: teams at rest

After the two minutes of recovery granted by Maresca the first half ends of the friendly Napoli-Lille: at the ‘Maradona’ we go to rest with the French of Fonseca ahead 1-0 on Spalletti’s Azzurri thanks to goal scored by Diakité at 18′.


45’+1′ – Osimhen and Kvara make mistakes

Other two great deals for Naples. First the cross from the left by Mario Rui and the deadlift in the center of the area by Osimhen but head ends badly. Then the same Nigerian sends to shoot Kvaratskhelia that ‘butt’ but the ball in the center of the area.


42′ – Diakité saves on Kvaratskhelia

Naples very close to draw in restart: the ball reaches Elmas who triggers Kvaratskeliawhose right foot comes without fail rejected sliding from Diakité.


39′ – Aim to be reviewed for Weah

Lille initiative with Weahwho carries the ball to the right and then tries to conclusion without however framing the door of the Naples.

8:38 pm

38′ – Elmas asks for a penalty in vain

Attack the Naples on the left: percussion of Elmas who crosses and asks in vain for the rigor for a touch with the but no of a Lille defender, with the referee Maresca which instead lets continue.


35′ – Andre Gomes stops Politano

Restart dangerous of Naples, with André Gomes but who is good at taking the ball away from Politano with a risky but effective slip.


33′ – Lille dangerous with Cabella

Immediate replication of Lillewhich sends to the shot Cabella: conclusion from the limit e ball to the side of the pole.


32′ – Osimhen to the side

Naples dangerous with Osimhen: the blue center forward exploits an indecision of the two centres from Lille and then kicks with his right foot, but only hits the outside of the network.


30′ – Problems for Angel Gomes

Problems for Angel Gomes and play stops to allow the attacking midfielder to play Lille to leave the field momentarily. He leaves again and after the rescue of the medical staff the French footballer returns to the field.

8:21 PM

21′ – Inaccurate aim for Ndombele

Napoli insists: to try this time it is Ndombelewhich concludes from the mean distance but without finding the mirror of the door: high ball by little.

8:19 pm

19′ – Naples reaction with Osimhen

One goal down Naples try to react immediately: cross from the right by Politano e overturned tempted by Osimhenwhich concludes though very high over the crossbar.

8:18 pm

18′ – Diakité scores: Lille ahead 1-0

Ball lost by Lobotka, the Lille advances and triggers Virginius whose conclusion is deflected for a corner by Juan Jesus. On the developments of the corner Diakite Meret hole and takes the lead i french who now lead 1-0-


15′ – Fonte ko, change in Lille

Injury at Lille: the defender is knocked out Sourcewhich gives way to Alexander.

8:13 pm

13′ – Angel Gomes shoots high

Other dangerous restart of Lille: the centre-forward Virginius unloads for Angel Gomes who kicks high from the edge with his left foot.


12′ – Naples dangerous with Elmas

First ring of Naples: splendid verticalization by Mario Rui for Elmaswhose low cross from the left side of the box is though goalkeeper prey French Chevalier.


5′ – Closing of Ostigard

Naples on the attack in this first phase of the match, but Lille now manage to counterattack matches with Virginius launched in open field: decisive Ostigard’s run-up which closes the French center forward in a corner.


1′ – Off to the friendly Napoli-Lille match

Started at stage ‘Maradona‘ the friendly match Naples-Lille: the coach’s Azzurri move the first ball Spallettiwhich will try to attack i right away french of the former Roma technician Paul Fonseca.

7:48 pm

Spalletti’s choices

Without i national returning from the World Cup and with Demme, Rrahmani and Sirigu in the pits Spalletti lines up Napoli with the 4-3-3: in midfield there is Elmas while Simeone and Raspadori start from Park benchwith the ex of the evening Osimhen in the center of the trident completed by Politano and Kvaratskhelia.


Special challenge for Osimhen

The friendly Naples-Lille it will be a special challenge for the centre-forward Victor Osimhengreat ex of the evening he will face for the first time his team from which the Neapolitans have him purchased in the summer of 2020.


Teams on the field for warm-up

Naples and Lille on the lawn of the ‘Diego Armando Maradona’ for the warm up, just under half an hour from the kick-off of the friendly. The team of Spalletti should take the field with the special Christmas shirtwhile the French will wear a black uniform with numbers and borders in gold.


Presented the calendar of Naples

Before the friendly against Lille on Naples presented at a press conference on official calendar 2023., which has been distributed at newsstands since December 16, 2022 with the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio and on the web store of the Neapolitan club.


Lille, the official training

LILLE (4-2-3-1): chevalier; Diakité, Fonte, Djaló, Weah; Andre, Andre Gomes; Zhegrova, Angel, Cabella; Virginius. Available: Jardim, Jakubech, Alexandro, Bamba, Bayo, David, Noom Quomah Baleba, Ounas, Ramet. all. Paul Fonseca

7:13 pm

Naples, the official formation

NAPLES (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Jesus, Mario Rui; Ndombele, Lobotka, Elmas; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. Available: Ibasiak, Marfella, Barba, Hysaj, Zanoli, Zedadka, Gaetano, Marchisano, Spavone, Zerbin, Raspadori, Russo, Simeone. all. Luciano Spalletti

7:09 pm

Several absences for Spalletti

Different unavailable for Spalletti’s Napoli in the match against Lille: in addition to the national World Cup veterans are out too Demme, Rrahmani and Sirigu.


The teams already in the stadium

The Naples and the Lille they arrived a few minutes ago ‘Diego Armando Maradona’ stadiumwhere in just over an hour they will compete in a race friendly.

Naples, ‘Diego Armando Maradona’ stadium

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