Nathaly Caldonazzo involved in the very serious road sign, the consequences are terrible


Nathaly Caldonazzo, victim of a very serious road accident that left her limping. The consequences are chilling.

One of the protagonists of the last edition of Big Brother Vip was Nathaly Caldonazzo, unfortunately the woman it didn’t last very long inside the most spied house in Italy, perhaps also thanks to the fact that it entered the race while the competition had already started and many of the competitors were already among the favorites of the public, this could have penalized it.

In any case thein Caldonazzo confessed that experiencealbeit short, she particularly liked it and would not mind coming back, but this is not a very feasible eventuality, but at GF Vip everything is possible, who knows if the owner of the house Alfonso Signorini decides to give you a phone call.

The woman confessed that she would very much like to be part of the Big Brother Vip big car also as a columnist, but for next season it may not yet be her turn, in fact the names of those who will be called to judge the highlights of the program are already note: we will see Sonia Bruganelli return but she will have a new entry at her side, in fact Adriana Volpe has not been confirmed and in her place we will find the wonderful one Orietta Berti and we are sure it will give us a lot of satisfaction.

Nathaly Caldonazzo

There was also a terribly dark moment in Nathaly Caldonazzo’s lifeof which he still reports the consequences, a dramatic car accident that completely changed her life.

Nathaly Caldonazzo and the dramatic accident

A truly dramatic situation that experienced in 2018 by the former model Nathaly Caldonazzo, an accident that still brings serious consequences to her today, in fact, together with 20 other people, she decided to appeal to the President of the Republic Segrio Mattarella to ask that there be much more attention for all the victims of road accidents who are granted a slow and sometimes very ineffective bureaucracy.

It is precisely during an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Nathaly Caldonazzo to tell the terrible story and the consequences that ensued, she confesses that since that dramatic day her life has radically changed and there are many the difficulties he has to face, not only on a personal levelin fact Nathaly confesses to being lame, but also at a working level some important possibilities have been closed to her forever

Nathaly Caldonazzo tells, “I am lame, so much so that I have been recognized for an important percentage of disability. I can no longer do musicals, nor run nor be the testimonial of swimwear or short dresses because I constantly ride with my knee bandaged. And I’m lucky I didn’t end up in a wheelchair otherwise I would have needed assistance all day ”.

A very heavy situation that fortunately did not turn into tragedy, because it could have been much worse, but despite everything brought her some very heavy consequences to face such as the difficulty in receiving insurance compensation after certain accidents, the former model herself says that bureaucratically it is very complex and the timing is really long.

Nathaly Caldonazzo

So he confesses, “Unfortunately, the times of insurance in Italy are biblical. We injured are forced to anticipate the expenses for the operations. In Italy, if you pay a few installments late, they foreclose everything, but if there are cases of medical malpractice and accidents, a lot of time passes before you see the money ”.

In short Nathaly Caldonazzo reports a particularly serious situation and brings to light a hot topic that is often ignored and many people who are victims of accidents and have not undergone the means to meet the needs are really at great risk, especially for future complications.

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