National forum of pain medicine – Basilicata Press Office at the San Carlo hospital in Potenza

National forum of pain medicine – Basilicata Press Office at the San Carlo hospital in Potenza
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Sunday 15 May 2022 – On 20 May in Potenza, in classrooms A and B of the Aor San Carlo administrative building, the tenth national forum of the Scientific Society “Federdolore”, a reference society in the discipline of pain therapy, in which the healthcare realities of Basilicata and Puglia will be compared with the aim of addressing, in a multidisciplinary way, the issue of acute and chronic pain in the diabetic patient. FOLLOWS AFTER ADVERTISING.

“The strategic direction of the Aor San Carlo is always particularly careful in deploying its forces and attentions to alleviate suffering and, therefore, towards the development of the pain therapy network – comments the General Director of Aor San Carlo Giuseppe Spera.
In this sense, special surgical procedures have been activated since November 2021, with two dedicated weekly operating sessions, carried out in the Potenza unit, while from September 2021 the opening of the outpatient clinics in the hospitals of Lagonegro, Melfi, was already guaranteed. Pescopagano and Villa d’Agri.
It is important to underline – concludes the director Spera – that on the entire regional territory only the AOR guarantees innovative techniques aimed at managing pain, with a view to centrality of the person and the protection of the dignity and well-being of the patient as a primary health objective. “.

“We are grateful to the strategic direction of Aor San Carlo – declares the doctor Antonio Giardinain charge of the pain therapy unit – for the constant attention paid to this particular category of users who come to our facility.
The concern addressed is the symbol of the great human and professional mission carried out by our doctors, nurses and our health teams.
For this reason – continues Dr. Giardina – following the ministerial and regional regulations, 4 + 4 beds for hospitalizations to be performed in day surgery and ordinary have been activated in the pain therapy unit. The availability of additional places for hospitalization facilitates our work – continues Giardina – which has seen more than 200 procedures performed with different degrees of difficulty, depending on the clinical cases encountered.

The techniques used are minimally invasive and fall within the patient’s neurostimulation and neuromodulation procedures, that is, those techniques that aim to intervene directly with the transmission of pain at the level of the nervous system, with the intention of interrupting them and decrease the perception of pain itself.
As further evidence of the rich healthcare offer offered by our company, chronic disabling benign osteo-arthritic pathologies and pathologies characterized by neuropathic pain are also treated – concludes Dr. Giardina – which severely limit the normal daily life activities of our patients “.

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