Natural remedies for sunburn here are what they are | A woman


Natural remedies for sunburn here are what they are |  A woman
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After the long period of lockdown summer has finally arrived and with it also the desire (for some a real need) to indulge in a few days well-deserved relaxation outside. The imperative of summer? There tan! But be careful to let yourself be kissed too much by the sun because you risk damage to the skin and health. Whether you spend your holidays by the sea or in the mountains, you always have to protect our body. And if prevention is not enough, here are the natural remedies who can help us in case of sunburn.

Sunburn, act immediately with natural remedies

The feeling of breaking up pampered by the warm rays of the sun it is undeniable: we indulge in relaxation, putting aside the thoughts and worries that are generally a source of stress in daily life. Among other things, the benefits that the sun brings to our body are known: it regulates the sleep-wake cyclefor example, and stimulates the Vitamin D production. It can happen, however, that due to distraction or unconsciousness, exposure to the sun lasts too long, causing more or less serious damage to our body.

In addition to incurring in insolation, they can also arise annoying (and sometimes dangerous) sunburn, on which it is necessary to intervene immediately, even if necessary with natural remedies. Acting quickly on the disorder can in fact prevent more serious problems that could cause much more serious damage to the skin and health in general. That’s why, in these cases, the classics grandmother’s recipes they turn out to be useful and valuable.

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What are sunburns

But before discussing some of the most effective natural sunburn remedies, it is worth explaining which ones are consequences of excessive sun exposure.

Generally, there is more prolonged exposure to sunlight especially in the summer, when the desire to get a tan is strong. Whether you are on vacation by the sea or in the mountains or whether you lie down on the terrace or in the garden, the danger is always the same: i ultraviolet rays. In fact, although they are responsible for the much desired tan, in the long run they can prove to be harmful to the skin and, sometimes, even cause melanomas. That is why, before we expose ourselves to sunlight, we should always use protective creamsespecially if you have a fair and delicate complexion.


Recognizing a sunburn, on which you can then act with natural remedies, is really simple because i symptoms they are quite evident and recognizable. It is certainly a typical sign of sunburn the redness of the skin, often accompanied by burning and itching. The areas in which the harmful action of ultraviolet rays occurs, moreover, appear particularly hot to the touch and in some cases may also present the appearance of boils and pustules.

Not only that: the reddened areas of the body become much more sensitive and easily irritable if in contact even with clothing. In addition to these symptoms, in severe cases, they can also appear chills, nausea and fever.

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Natural remedies for sunburn

The first desire of someone who gets burned after a long exposure to the sun is certainly to try to get some relief, soothing the burning of the skin. As an immediate intervention, as soon as you notice the appearance of redness and you feel the sense of burning, it may be useful to take a look in the fridge or pantry.

If you have any potatoes, for example, peel a few and cut them into slices: applying them directly to the areas affected by the burn for half an hour, they will exercise their natural decongestant and anti-inflammatory. They are perfect against itching.

Another quick and easily achievable solution is the one you get with packs of water, ice and milk. The first two ingredients will help to give a feeling of freshness, while the third will help moisturize the skin, also avoiding the risk of skin peeling. The same refreshing and soothing effect is also guaranteed by a compress based on yogurt and cucumber smoothies or a compound of water and oat or cornmeal.

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For general relief, especially when sunburn affects multiple parts of the body, it is truly rejuvenating to immerse yourself in a fresh water tub. To make the bath more effective, you can add a cup of White vinegar or half a glass of sodium bicarbonate.

Aloe vera and other natural remedies

Among the other solutions that nature makes available to counter the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, we could not miss thealoe vera. You can use the gel based on this prodigious medicinal plant, spreading it directly on the skin, after having kept it at least an hour in the fridge. If, on the other hand, you want to try your hand at a homemade preparation, you can buy aloe vera at a herbalist’s shop and mix it with a vegetable oil.

Another of the most effective natural remedies for sunburn is coconut oil: just apply it directly on the areas affected by irritation with a cotton swab. However, take care to check that it does not contain perfumes or other unnatural essences.

In nature there are also other plants capable of soothing the discomfort caused to the skin by too much sun. Linden, mallow, calendula and chamomilefor example, they are a real cure-all against sunburn: prepare an infusion or a decoction using fresh or dried flowers and leaves, filter and wet the skin with the help of gauze.

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Prevention is better than cure

The best weapon against sunburn, however, still remains there prevention. Experts always advise not to expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours of the day, i.e. between noon and 4 in the afternoon. Before lying on the beach, then, always remember to use quality sun creams with a protection factor suitable for our complexion. We prepare the body for tanning, by performing a scrub and a deep cleansing of the skin and stocking up on beta-carotenepresent in numerous foods such as cereals, green leafy vegetables, squash, peppers and carrots.

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