Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating especially at night could be the symptom of this disease


Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating especially at night could be the symptom of this disease
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It may happen that some symptoms of pathologies can be overlooked, or confused. Sometimes there is a disturbance that is given little importance perhaps because it is a slight entity. This signal could be confused with a common annoyance that does not suggest the symptoms of a disease. For example, in winter it is normal to feel cold, to feel shivering from frost. There is no woman or man who does not experience cold sensations in some situations in winter. This discomfort is normal and therefore those who feel cold cannot think that this could be a symptom of a disease. A strong hypersensitivity to cold and a constant sensation of cold, could also be the sign of hypothyroidism, or problems with the pituitary or hypothalamus.

The same goes for the heat and sweating in the summer. With rising temperatures it is normal for people to feel hot. During the summer, sweating is a normal factor, no one would worry about sweating. Night sweats shouldn’t worry either unless it recurs every night. Those who suffer from frequent night sweats that make clothing and bedding wet may have a serious health problem. The causes of night sweats can be many, from taking certain medications to infections and thyroid problems. Some cancers may also be the cause of excessive sweating during the night.

Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating especially at night could be the symptom of this disease

Excessive night sweats could also be the wake-up call for endocarditis. Endocarditis is inflammation of the endocardium. The endocardium is a small membrane that lines the inner walls of the heart valves. Infection of the endocardium is a serious problem because it could compromise the function of the heart valves. Additionally, endocarditis could also cause embolism and vascular problems.

Symptoms that can indicate endocarditis are varied and very common. An ongoing infection of the endocardium can manifest itself with loss of appetite and weight loss. Nausea and vomiting and excessive sweating, especially at night, fever and headache, could be other warning signs.
Anyone who experiences these symptoms in a continuous and unjustified manner should immediately contact their personal doctor. Unfortunately, diagnosing infective endocarditis is not easy. Echocardiography is probably the best tool for a correct diagnosis.

The heart is a delicate organ and the symptoms of its malfunction are not always perceived by a patient. For example, many who have a heart attack do not notice it. They experience severe chest pain but only if this persists for a long time do they decide to go to the emergency room. Today science has made great strides and can tell if there is a heart problem very quickly. Today, through the detection of a particular protein released by the heart, it is possible to understand if there is a heart attack in place in just 5 minutes


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