New contract for the health sector. The president of Aran illustrates all the news of the new agreement that will lead to an average increase in payrolls of 175 euros per month


by Antonio Naddeo

Five new framing areas for personnel with their respective roles; review of the system of assignments; new regime of horizontal economic progressions providing for “economic differentials of professionalism”; new discipline of remote work (smartworking) in two types: agile work, without place and time constraints and remote work, with place and time constraints and finally the new economic framework that with the agreement reached will allow to recognize average increases, calculated on all staff in the sector, of approximately 175 euros per month on average

14 OCT

The Hypothesis of an agreement of the health sector is in the pipeline for the definitive signature. But what are the main novelties of the contract?

First of all, one was operated on revision of the personnel classification system expecting five framing areas including the new high qualification area.

The areas are those relating to:

  • support staff;
  • operators;
  • assistants;
  • health professionals and officials;
  • highly qualified personnel (which currently remains empty).

They belong to each area three roles:

  • sanitary (distinct from the other roles in which the rest of the staff converge);
  • socio-sanitary;
  • administrative, technical and professional, health research and research support.

To complete the classification system, a review of the assignment systemincreasing its relevance.

The following roles can be assigned in each role:

  • position assignmentonly for personnel in the highly qualified area;
  • assignment of organizational functiononly for personnel employed in the areas of health professionals and officials;
  • professional function assignmentfor staff in the areas of health professionals and officials, assistants and operators.

The assignments will last 5 years and will be of three types: basic, medium and high complexity and the indemnities relating to those of medium and high complexity have been integrated with important economic increases.

Assignments are based on principles of greater responsibility and truly profuse commitment, on the enhancement of merit and professional performance aimed at promoting professional development, through the recognition of operational autonomy.

As in the other contracts already signed, the agreement provides for a new regime of horizontal economic progressions by providing “economic differentials of professionalism” to be understood as stable increases in the salary aimed at remunerating the greater degree of professional competence progressively acquired by employees, in carrying out the duties of the classification area.

The labor Relations have seen a significant revision in the perspective of an expansion of the importance of participatory modules of information and comparison and with the enhancement of the joint body for innovation.

The contract then also made substantial changes to some institutions of the employment relationship, seeking a balanced relationship between the extension of workers’ rights and the safeguarding of the organizational and functional needs of the Companies and Entities.

Relief also assumes the new discipline of remote work (smartworking) in the two types: the agile workprovided for by law 81/2017, without place and time restrictions; remote workwith place and time constraints.

On salary planthe agreement recognizes – starting from 1/1/2021 – an average increase of tabular salaries of 91 euros on average for 13 months and a revaluation of Funds intended for supplementary bargaining of 12 euros per month for 13 months. For the new professional classification system, a further financial commitment of the companies and entities of the sector of 13 euros per month for 13 months was also envisaged.

In order to enhance the role of some specific profiles of the health and socio-health role, the Contract Hypothesis, in application of some provisions envisaged in the last two budget laws, establishes the nursing specificity allowance for nurse profiles, the indemnity for the protection of the sick and health promotion for other profiles of the health and socio-health role and a specific allowance for personnel operating in the emergency services.

Also considering the new allowances, the agreement reached will allow for recognition average increasescalculated on all staff in the sector, of about 175 euros on average per month, corresponding to a revaluation percentage of 7.22%.

Antonio Naddeo
President Aran

October 14, 2022
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