New Fiat Fastback Abarth on the way? Dream Shapes (VIDEO)


The Fiat Fastback has only recently been available on the market, and there are already those who are thinking of a version of the Abarth. Let’s discover its future forms.

The bond between Fiat and Abarth is strengthened, the company specialized in tuning which was founded in 1949. In recent days, everyone has focused on the brand new electric 500 revised by this brand, and it must be said that discussions on the matter have not been lacking at all.

Fiat and Abarth (AdobeStock)

There Abarth has always stood out for the production of mufflers dedicated to the most famous Italian car manufacturers, leading to the production of models with a creepy sound. Thinking of a car with the signature of this brand that will never make noise was difficult for purists to accept, but it is clear that the future is now proceeding quickly in that direction.

Fiat, part of the Stellantis group, is working hard on the electrification process of its range, looking forward to presenting new zero-emission models. 2023 will be a year that could act as a crossroads for the Turin-based company, which will unveil the eagerly awaited 100% electric Panda to the world.

In addition to the change on the engine front, there will also be an important change to the design of the best-selling small car in Italy, which will transform into a Mini Suv that will enter Segment B, abandoning Segment A forever. of an epochal change for the Piedmontese brand, which wants to give a car “on tap” that is affordable and usable by all Italians and beyond.

At the moment, in fact, EVs still cost far too much for the pockets of citizens, already very tried by the economic crisis and price increases. In recent days we have also investigated the issue related to the prices of refills, discovering that, at least for now, there is not all this saving compared to a full tank of petrol or diesel.

Italian houses, as we unfortunately know, lag behind foreign brands on the electricity front, and now a way is being sought to limit the problems inherent in a future that has already arrived. By 2035, we recall, the production of internal combustion engines should stop, even if Europe is considering a revision of this measure.

In the meantime, the Italian brand has recently unveiled the Fastback which wants to conquer the South American market, but there are already those who, on the web, are already dreaming of an Abarth version. The famous computer will never go out of style, and now we’ll take a look at what could be its future forms.

Fiat, this is how the Fastback Abarth could be

A few months ago the Fiat Fastback was presented in Brazil, which aims to dominate the South American market. The unveiling was carried out in Brazil, a country on which the Turin brand has always focused and where it intends to continue investing for the near future as well.

Approximately 280,000 of this model will be made every year, near Goiana, in one of the group’s most important plants Stellantis. The new SUV Coupé is 4.43 meters long and 1.78 meters wide, so it is certainly not an ocean liner as one might imagine from the imposing name.

The Fastback will be available in six different colors, namely Vulcano Black, Banchisa White, Strato Grey, Bari Silver, Silverstone Gray and Monte Carlo Red. The interiors are also very refined with a completely revised display, which will add considerable comfort to those positioned in the cockpit.

Fiat has gone big with this model dedicated to South America, with engines that still focus on heat. The more powerful ones can count on a maximum power of 185 horsepower thanks to the Turbo 270 Flex engine. For those who are already fond of this car, the bad news is that there is no version planned for the European market, at least for now.

We recall that overseas there is no law that provides for the banning of heat engines, on which a lot is still focused precisely for this reason within the decision-making rooms of the Turin company. As we said at the beginning, there are those who have already imagined a version Abarth of this Fastback, like the channel YouTube Manhoub 1“, which has always given us splendid renderings in which it imagines the shapes of the cars of the future.

Also in this case, it is good to anticipate that it is only the imagination of whoever created the images, and that there is no news on the matter from the Italian house. It must be said that, seeing these shapes, this car could aim to be very successful, considering that the charm of theAbarth it is destined to never go out of style.

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