New petrol bonus, 200 euros not only for employees? Who is it and how to get it


New petrol bonus, 200 euros not only for employees?  Who is it and how to get it
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There are new elements concerning the new petrol bonus: i 200 euros yes, it is up to the workers employeesbut with the conversion of the Ukrainian decree into law, the number of beneficiaries of the grant is expanding.

The amendments they were presented by the Brothers of Italy and approved by the Finance and Industry committees of the Senate. The Ukraine decree was enacted to counter the economic and humanitarian effects of the crisis, including the problem of expensive fuel.

Among the measures designed there is precisely the petrol bonus, which arrives up to a maximum of 200 euros and for 2022 it does not contribute to the formation of income (and therefore no taxes are paid there). Let’s see how to get it and what are the latest news.

New petrol bonus, 200 euros only for employees? Here’s how to get it

Who is entitled to the new petrol bonus

At first, the petrol bonus was provided for workers employeesbut with the amendment to the text of the Ukraine decree it is clarified that the contribution is also up to the professional firms. This means that all private employers (not only, therefore, companies) can assign this bonus.

At the beginning 9.9 million euros were allocated for the measure, but only private companies were foreseen in the calculation of the budget to be made available. With the opening also to professional firms, not only the number of beneficiaries increases, but also the costs for the measure. The estimate was made based on the number of people who in 2020 had been recipients of goods sold and services provided by companies, about 660 thousand.

How does the incentive against expensive fuel work?

The contribution for fuels will come up to a maximum of 200 euros and is also flanked by the enhancement of the bill bonus and the reduction in excise duties (which led to a reduction in the price of fuel by 25 cents per liter, a measure that will remain until 8 July).

There are no income requirements to be able to benefit from it. For 2022 the bonus it does not contribute to the formation of income. For the value of the goods sold and the services provided by the companies, the non-competition in the formation of the income from employment reaches a limit of 258.23 euros (doubled to 516.46 euros for the tax periods 2020 and 2021).

On the other hand, if the value is higher, it contributes entirely to forming the income. Fuel vouchers, on the other hand, are considered further than the income tax exemption threshold.

Do I have to apply to get the fuel bonus?

The new fuel bonus has different rules than the other anti-crisis economic contributions, because it is not an incentive granted by the Government for the purchase of gas (or diesel fuelor methane). The Ukraine decree, in fact, provides that will be the companies same to decide whether or not to grant the bonus to its employees.

A choice, therefore, made at the discretion of the company: the worker does not have to submit any application.

New petrol bonus, the cost is deductible by the company

It is good to clarify that joining this initiative or not is a decision that belongs only to the company: it is on a voluntary basis. However, it is also good to know that for the company budget the cost will be part of the deductible chargesfollowing the provisions of article 95 of the Tuir.

The purpose of this measure is clear: to make sure that going to work (given that smartworking is allowed less and less) does not burden workers further, thus removing at least the economic burden of fuel to reach the workplace.

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