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Not only do cars have to be very careful where they park, now you have to check where you are even when you’re on foot. Few know this rule but on foot, the parking ban really exists.

Park in someone’s driveway, on the crosswalks or on the parking spaces reserved for some protected category even from the Highway Code it is an act which is undoubtedly followed by a fine, stuff that anyone who has set foot in a driving school knows very well. But did you know that even those walking on foot can be subject to a fine parking ban? But how? That’s when you need to get out of the way fast, pedestrian or not.

They will fine you immediately (

A behavior bad mannered

Sometimes, parking becomes so impossible in cities that we are forced to resort to… unconventional solutions such as leaving the car for a few moments in a place where it shouldn’t be parked. Extreme cases can happen but you can’t justify who instead park and park deliberately – and there is a big difference between a stop and a stop – for example on the crossings or on the parking spaces for the handicapped who would be entitled to it.

Needless to say, this behavior in the eyes of the traffic police does not go unnoticed: the fine for no parking which varies between 41 and 168 Euros depending on the case and the seriousness and duration of the infraction remains one of the most popular in the whole country. But not even pedestrians are totally safe from this eventuality and they really could be fined for standing too long in the wrong place.

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Foot traffic is really hateful (

Queues on the sidewalks

Anyone who moves preferably as a pedestrian knows what we’re talking about when we refer to the “pedestrian traffic”: unfortunately, many people have no respect for those who are in a hurry – perhaps because they are going to work or have a commitment – ​​and obstruct the sidewalk in an annoying way, perhaps stopping to read the last message received on their Smartphone in the middle of the street.

In short, not only cars face queues and traffic jams. But is parking on a sidewalk allowed? There is a particular case in which a pedestrian – or more pedestrians if we want to be precise – could get a nice penalty like “if they were cars” for a no parking. It’s all in the Highway Code and from now on, you know what to say to the traffic police if you want certain rude behaviors to be sanctioned!

Here is Article 190

According to Article 190 which concerns the correct behavior of a pedestrian in the middle of the street and on the sidewalk, staying too long even on the sidewalk – and not only – without a particularly valid reason can lead to a verbal warning from the traffic police and even to a real fine ranging between 26 and 145 Euros, practically the equivalent of a fine for no parking taken by car!

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“Wait, look at this selfie with my cat” (

To be more specific, the article stipulates that: “Pedestrians are forbidden to linger or slow down without an urgent reason on the roadway and also hinder other pedestrians in a group on the same sidewalk”. If two or three people stop in the middle of the sidewalk to chat and they don’t let you pass, you can legally make them pay!

That’s not all because Paragraph 2 sanctions another nasty behavior of pedestrians, i.e. crossing diagonally rather than following the pedestrian crossings which are traditionally perpendicular, which wastes time for motorists and even risks causing a dramatic accident. In short, pedestrians or not, no fuss, behave with respect!

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