Nudes for life: the interview with Maddalena Corvaglia


Nudes for life: the interview with Maddalena Corvaglia
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The showgirl is among the protagonists of Nudi per la vita, the Rai 2 program that reminds us of the importance of controls to prevent tumors

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Change of program in the schedule of Rai 2which in the early evening of Tuesday 20 September proposes the third appointment with Naked for life (originally scheduled for 19). The program, led by Mara Maionchimanages to reconcile moments of lightness and entertainment with a delicate theme: raising awareness on prevention of tumors. Two VIP teams get involved by performing in one striptease, sharing their stories and focusing the public’s attention on the importance of periodically carrying out checks. Because “with this type of disease, prevention and timing are everything”. They are words of Maddalena Corvagliaamong the protagonists of the last two episodes of the broadcast, dedicated to the women’s team (with her Elisabetta Gregoraci, Corinne Clery, Valeria Graci, Alessandra Mussolini And Brenda Lodigiani). The showgirl was immediately enthusiastic about taking part in Naked for life: “It has a purpose that I have always embraced, I am very sensitive to the subject. I like both the motivation and the modality: it is very clean”.

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His last appearance on television dates back to last year. How come she decided to get back in the game right in Naked for life?

I’m usually very selective: I don’t want to go through what everyone calls and doesn’t accept any jobs. But I say so many no because I don’t like going to argue in the TV living rooms. Naked for life I like. After talking with the authors and the project leader, I realized that I had imagined it just like that, in fact maybe it’s even better.

He said he is very sensitive to mission of the program.

I have been spokesperson for AIRC for years.

Prevention is never talked about enough.

But it is essential. Especially because we women think of everyone before us: children, husband, parents, dog, work. When it comes to ourselves we always tend to say: “Yes, everything is fine”. When we realize that something is wrong and decide to check, it is often too late.

We learn to take time just for ourselves, in short.

Is critical. And it must be done in the round: for me it means, for example, having an hour to be quiet, to have a massage, to relax, but also to do prevention. But not in this order: first health, then relaxation.

How she found herself with her adventure companions in Naked for life?

It was really cool. The differences of each one became similarity because we were all there for the same goal. I was struck by the strength that each of us has shown. A strength built perhaps on criticisms or weaknesses. Nobody is born strong.

From the way he talks about it, it seems that a strong bond has been created.

I always say we are fighters (warriors, ed), and we liked to send this message. From the comedian (Valeria Graci, ed) who makes her laugh for work and she never seems to have thoughts. To Mussolini that one imagines to be a boulder, strong, but there is also more. In my case, people expect me to always be in a good mood, but it is clear that life is something else. So we had a great time.

In a recent interview she talked about how, as a young girl, she started going to the gym because she was obsessed with the figure. How has her relationship with her body changed?

Much. As a girl I didn’t realize that sport is fun. When a child goes roller-skating or skateboarding he doesn’t tell you: “I played sports”, he tells you: “I played”. At 20, however, I was thinking about television, physical appearance, pressure. The gym has become a must to be in shape. The best part was when I left, after having satisfied that sense of responsibility.

When did the turning point come?

Thanks to the TV show It can be done. There I discovered the various aerial disciplines, and I realized that with an hour of sport that I enjoyed I got more results. There are hundreds of activities to choose from. If you don’t like one you can try another one.

She is now a fitness expert with thousands of people following her workouts.

Yes, I am very happy. I do not have the presumption to be a personal trainer, what I like is to share what I have been lucky enough to learn from the best: a It can be done there were the highest rated pole dance and aerial cloth instructors. For the dives we had the coach of Cagnotto, her father.

Another thing that seems to have changed over the years is also his relationship with the world of gossip.

At first I took it, now I smile and move on. When you do this job you have to take into account that newspapers also write invented news, sometimes inflated, sometimes altered.

So they don’t make her angry anymore?

When they write things that spoil my image as a mother. Not for me, but because I have a little girl and in this sense I demand respect.

About children. A few days ago you spoke about an important topic: the safety of the little ones on the internet. How do you protect your daughter?

It is not easy for us to keep up with the children, also because now the schools have cleared these technologies through customs. So even a parent who disagrees is still forced to inquire and always be alert: because the internet is a sea and you never know what’s inside.

From his social networks it is clear how much he cares about this topic.

I don’t like controversy or discussing social and political topics, but when it comes to children and their safety, then there are the only times I don’t talk about health, sports, smiles and things that bring a good mood.

Compared to other public figures, it seems that her choice is not to excessively expose her daughter on social media. Just for a security issue?

Yes exactly. Take bullying for example: it used to happen outside of school. Now the internet multiplies this phenomenon to the nth degree. We grew up without great technologies and we all grew up well. In short, a book is better.

By Letizia Bonardi

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