Number closed to medicine: who says “Enough”


Dear Beppe, about the limited number of medicine and surgery. I strongly disagree with Dr. Gili. You forgive the somewhat long letter, but the matter needs explanation. 1) The selection is made at 18-19 years, when we know it, people’s maturity is so varied and absolutely not “predictive” of future abilities, except in particular cases. For example, I would never have been admitted to the course. The long summer of 1975, wandering around Europe, however, taught me more than many medical books; 2) the test is based on criteria of specific knowledge of the basic sciences (exclusively mnemonics) and on sometimes bizarre questions of logic. In all honesty I would answer exactly maybe 20%; 3) when you enter, you enter. In other words, once the test has been successfully passed, the selection no longer exists. This is the real problem; 4) not everyone knows that one of the criteria that universities adopt as a quality check is the percentage of graduate students in progress and dropouts. This means that the higher the first and the lower the second, the more virtuous the University; 5) the above, leads the majority of teachers to “close both eyes” in front of a limping student and automatically raise the marks of the others; 6) Dr. Gili correctly says that to become good doctors you have to “practice on the sick”. Unfortunately, in some departments the famous curricular internship is a farce and viewed almost with annoyance by many teachers; 7) directly managing a specialty school, I realize that there is a huge difference between the various universities. The greatest difficulty is having to manage the first year trainees with a very good preparation and others with embarrassing gaps. All this with parity of entry votes; 8) the students’ attitude to be doctors is not actually analyzed by the teaching staff. There are those who really are more suited to the career of an influencer than to that of a doctor; To conclude: no to a limited number, yes to a tough but balanced selection, especially among the various universities, throughout the course of study. Obviously, registering is a risk, as it was back in 1976 when we started in 1,400 and arrived at the goal in less than half. Those who choose medicine will have, if they wish, a tiring but still beautiful profession, but we cannot all afford to be treated by “doctors by chance”, selected with a questionable system.


I see that Dr. Renata Gili’s response to the limited number to medicine has provoked a lively debate. Today we publish this by Stefano Nava – a longtime friend of mine and of this forum – as well as full professor of respiratory diseases and director of the Complex Operative Unit of Pulmonology and Respiratory Intensive Care at Sant’Orsola in Bologna. Others will follow in the next few days. My opinion? It’s not important. However it will come, eventually.

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