Nurse adopts twins born with genetic deformities after parents are deemed unfit to care for them


The parents were found unable to care for them. Like this a nurse adopted twins born with genetic deformities. We needed someone who had the skills, the patience, the skills to handle a really delicate situation. And Linda Trepanier was the right woman.

Linda Trepaniere is a nurse working in Minnesota. But she is also a foster mother. In 2017 she adopted Matthew and Marshall, two twins born with Pfeiffer’s syndrome, for whom he had received foster care three years earlier. The rare genetic deformity implies that the skull does not grow normally in the mother’s womb, so at birth, newborns have larger and deformed heads, bulging eyes, fibrous joints, deformed hands and feet.

THE parents of Matthew and Marshall they were considered unsuitable to care for them. In 2014 they took them away and the 58-year-old nurse decided to take them into foster care while waiting for an adoptive family. She had already taken in foster care 16 other boys. At 4 months, the two twins went to live with the woman who was already a mother and also a grandmother: she knew that she would have to take care of them 24 hours a day.

Matthew and Marshall
Photo source from Jessica Raymond’s YouTube video

When I first saw the twins I thought they were the most adorable creatures I have ever seen… They had these big heads and little bodies. They weighed less than four pounds, but their bodies were as large as those of babies, so most of the weight was due to their heads. I just fell in love with them. I knew in my heart that they would be my babies.

Social services asked her to adopt at least one, but she chose to adopt both.

People have a hard time understanding. They say, ‘Oh, those kids will be like a ball and chain,’ but I’ve learned to live with it. I feel privileged to have been able to make a really positive difference in the lives of Matthew and Marshall.

She knows that the amount of work is great, but they are also the happiest and most smiling children she knows.

I don’t know many moms who could do what I do, but my experience as a nurse has prepared me in the best way. My family and friends think I’m crazy, because I’m 58 and I should be looking forward to retiring, but I couldn’t care less.

In the first years of life they underwent many surgeries, but today they are 8 years old and everything seems to be going well!

Video source from YouTube by Jessica Raymond

Truly a moving story.

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