Off to the bonus of up to 600 euros for health: how to request it


Off to the bonus of up to 600 euros for health: how to request it
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On May 27, 2022 the minister Roberto Hope signed the implementing decree for the bonus psychologistfunded by Parliament with ben 10 million euros. This is an important step for the recognition of the right to mental health of Italians, which comes at a particularly delicate moment, between the Covid pandemic and the dear life that is putting the peninsula to a severe test. Relying on a professional will no longer be the exclusive prerogative of those with high incomes. To apply for the 2022 psychologist bonus, some requirements must still be met.

Data on mental health in Italy: there is a lack of public structures

From the data of the last Civic health report presented by Active citizenship it was found that psychologists operating in the public there are 3.3 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Valle d’Aosta is the region where there are more professionals per capita, 16 per 100,000 inhabitants, while Piedmont is the rear, with only 1.3 operators per 100,000 inhabitants. In Italy there are only 126 mental health departments and a total of 1,299 territorial structures, 2.6 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

The 2022 Psychologist Bonus was also introduced to address this lack of support in the public sector. In fact, Italians must mainly resort to private offices, outpatient clinics and clinics to be able to be assisted in a short time. At the cost, however, that are often prohibitive.

How mental health has changed after the Covid pandemic

During the first year of the Covid pandemic, theWorld Health Organization found a significant increase in mental health problems in the population. Although the data collected are heterogeneous, the young agethe sex female and the pre-existing health conditions are reported as risk factors.

According to the WHO, the coronavirus emergency has triggered an increase in the 25% the incidence of anxiety and depression worldwide. The risk of thoughts suicides because of burnout workingin particular for healthcare professionals, of the solitude and of the same diagnosis as positivity to Sars-Cov-2. The data also showed that the risk of contracting severe or fatal forms of the disease is much higher for people with mental health problems.

Outpatient mental health services were interrupted during the first few waves, and partly replaced through online health care. Which, however, was strongly affected by the gap digital, due to inadequate infrastructure and low levels of technological literacy. We have already talked here about the effects of the pandemic on the psyche of Italians.

What is the psychologist bonus 2022 and what is it for?

The psychologist bonus financially helps those who decide to start a path together with one psychotherapist. An activity that often turns out to be particularly onerous, and which for this reason makes many Italians desist from taking care of their minds. The incentive is in fact meant for repay And contribute to the expense of citizens who have had and need a private specialist.

The benefit is paid only once and can be used as a voucher to discount up to a maximum of 50 euros for sitting by professionals regularly enrolled in the list of psychotherapists in the register of psychologists and who have communicated their adhesion to the initiative to their own professional order.

How much is the psychologist bonus and who can benefit from it

The funds allocated are a total of 10 million euros, distributed on the basis of ISEE income for those suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, stress and psychological fragility due to the Covid emergency and the labor and economic crises that ensued . Three le bands from incomewith the relative amounts.

  • For those with an Isee of up to 15 thousand euros, the voucher is 600 EUR. (Maximum 12 sessions).
  • For those with an ISEE between 15 thousand euros and 30 thousand euros the voucher is 400 EUR. (Maximum 8 sessions).
  • For those with an ISEE between 30 thousand euros and 50 thousand euros the voucher is 200 EUR. (Maximum 4 sessions).

Initially, the maximum ceiling should have been 500 euros, but it has been raised to 600 euros for the population groups with the lowest incomes. According to initial estimates, they will be able to access the benefit at least 16 thousand people. Still few, as the sector associations complain, who would have preferred structural interventions to be financed through the money of the NRP instead of the bonus.

How to request the 2022 psychologist bonus from INPS

The 2022 psychologist bonus must be requested through a specific bonus request with the instructions that will be made available within 30 days from the date of publication of the implementing decree on Journal Official, which took place last June 27. Therefore by July 27 the Ministry of Health and INPS will communicate the terms and the deadlines of instances.

The application must be sent to theInps, through the website, both for themselves and for the minors or people with disabilities they take over. To access the dedicated section, you must be in possession of the Electronic identity card (Cie), of Spid or of the National Service Charter (Cns). Alternatively, it will be possible to contact the INPS in the manner that will be defined by the AI numbers free 803 164 (from landline) or 06 164 164 (from mobile).

How the psychologist bonus is paid and how long it lasts

Each citizen will only be able to submit one application, and there is likely to be one click day, as is often the case for services provided while funds are exhausted. The benefit is in fact guaranteed on the basis of the order of arrival of the applications, even if it has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health that the resources will be diverted with priority towards Lower Isee.

‍At the end of the application submission period, INPS will fill in the rankings based on the region or autonomous province of residence of the assisted person and to communicate the outcome of the application to the beneficiaries. If the application is accepted, a code unique to be communicated to the professional when booking the session. Here is the information on how to find the psychologists who join the initiative.

At the end of the meeting, the psychotherapist himself will issue the invoice on the INPS platform, reporting the patient’s unique code. The voucher entitles you, as already mentioned, to cover up to 50 euros for the single service. Possible amounts excess they must be paid by the patient to the professional, while the part of the bonus will be paid directly by the INPS to the psychologist.

The 2022 Psychologist Bonus expires later 180 days from the date of acceptance of the application if it is not used. At the end of the 6 months it is automatically canceled and the allocated resources reassigned to the next beneficiary in the ranking. Pending the state incentive, it is already possible to access regional bonuses. Here are the regions where a psychologist bonus is already active.


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