Olimpia avalanches on Varese: the derby is Milanese


Olimpia avalanches on Varese: the derby is Milanese
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Olimpia Milano dominates and wins the derby with Varese finishing 2022 unbeaten at home in Italy. All in front of 9978 spectators. Game addressed immediately perfectly, thanks to an offensive start with very high percentages from three points and also a good effectiveness in attacking the rim. The LBA record for points in a quarter of the season it is testimony to the great offensive potential that this team has, net of absences. Great to have practically closed the game already in the first half, with the Milanese team giving the impression of to have fun playing together. The flaw of this match were the many turnoverslook on which Coach Messina will definitely focus in the next few days. The score of 96-84 is also untrue from what we have seen on the field, given that theOlympia Milan has long been above a 20-point lead.

Olimpia Milan-Varese | The match

Game that opens immediately with two baskets, before Caruso and then say Hall. Luwawu-Cabarrot scores 7-3 on assists by Daviesfollowed by a triple of Melli for 10-3. Varese reacts but Baron three-pointers make it 15-9 midway through the first quarter. He still scores from three points Luwawu-Cabarrot for the +9, followed by the triple of Billy Baron which compels coach Brase at timeout. Two consecutive triples coming out of the timeout of the guests force Coach Messina to the counter timeout. The match continues with high scores, with Devon Hall who scores the +9 with a foul, followed by the 2+1 of Hines for 31-19. Mitrou-Long extend the partial Olympia on 9-0, for the Milanese 34-19. The first quarter ends on 36-21. In the second quarter the percentages seem to drop, but theOlympia stretch to 40-21 with a big Luwawu-Cabarrot. Brandon Davis steals the ball and crushes the Milanese 44-23, with theOlympia who is dominating the match. With a nice alley-oop Brown-Caruso Varese scores -20. Hedgehogs scores the triple of +23 after a nice offensive rebound of Biligha. still from outside theOlympia strikes, this time with Devon Hall. The second quarter ends on 57-32.

The second half opens as the first did: one basket each for Caruso and Hall. Luwawu-Cabarrot he is expelled for the sum of a technical and unsportsmanlike foul in the 23rd minute. With a nice basket DeNicolao scores the basket to make it 64-42, with a subsequent turnover for an 8-second infringement by Hall and triple of Woldetensae. The third consecutive turnover and the 8-0 run of theOpenjobmetis Varese compels Coach Messina at timeout. Hines interrupts the Milanese offensive haemorrhage with a rebound basket in attack, which is followed by a triple of +20 by Baron. Ross he scores a great triple by signing the 72-56, to which he responds with a great basket with a foul by Mitrou-Longwith subsequent triple of Baldasso which brings back theOlympia Milan on +22. The third quarter ends with a score of 82-60. Brandon Davis opens the fourth period with a good dunk, which is answered by a three-point play by Ferrero. It has been garbage-time for a few minutes now, with the two teams having also lowered the level of their attention. Ross-Caruso they collect a nice alley-oop, which however is only worth the momentary -20. Brandon Davis with a great coast-to-coast concluded with a dunk he scored his eighteenth point, followed by another dunk in the next action. DeNicolao scores a great triple, followed by a basket of Biligha, who then also signs up for the game. The game ends with a score of 96-84.

Olimpia Milan-Varese (36-21, 57-32, 82-60, 96-84)

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Olimpia Milano calendar | The next appointments

L’Olympia Milan will return to the field on Thursday 29 December at 20.30 at Mediolanum Forumwhere it will host the Valencia in the sixteenth round of Euroleague. Subsequently, the first engagement of 2023 is scheduled for January 2, when at Segafredo Arena the challenge against the will be staged Virtus Bologna at 20.30. Friday 6 January at 8.00 pmEA7 Emporio Armani Milan will challenge theOlympiacos in Athens at Euroleague.

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