Omicron 5, the new frightening symptom: “Painful, if not treated it can be lethal”


Omicron 5, the new frightening symptom: “Painful, if not treated it can be lethal”
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Omicron 5 alarm, a new symptom worries experts. In Italy, the contagion curve starts to grow again driven by the new sub-variant BA.5 (already at 13% in our country). In yesterday’s bulletin, Thursday 9 June, the new positives in the 24 hours were 23,042 out of 179,127 swabs performed and a positivity rate that rises to 12.9%. The victims are 84, 4 more than the previous day.

Meanwhile, research continues on post-infection side effects, the signals of the so-called Long Covid. And there would be a particularly worrying symptom: If underestimated it can create permanent damage. Let’s go into detail.

Omicron 5 alarm, the new post infection symptom

Heart and brain are the favorite “victims” of Long Covid, that set of symptoms that can occur even after weeks. And that in severe cases can cause permanent damage.

In an interview with the Messenger, Giuseppe Rebuzzi, professor of cardiology at the Catholic University of Rome, explained in which organ the greatest damage of Long Covid is concentrated and which are the symptoms that should not be underestimated. “Certainly the heart – says Rebuzzi – is one of the organs that can be the target of Covid and Long Covid, both directly and indirectly. Directly because the virus can cause inflammation of the muscle and pericardium causing myocarditis or pericarditis. Indirectly because heart patients, being fragile, have complications more easily“.

But what is the symptom not to be underestimated?The pain in the retrosternal region which simulates an anginal crisis, but more persistent, is certainly an important signal because it indicates inflammation“. And goes on: “If you add other symptoms such as breathlessness and palpitations that may be due to important cardiac arrhythmias or be a sign of decompensation. A condition in which the heart cannot pump adequate amounts of blood for the body’s needs“.

The expert explains the importance of early diagnosis: «In most cases, both myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium, a sac-like structure that contains and protects the heart), especially if diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, can be treated and healed. without leaving major damage. Unfortunately, if the signals are underestimated and the disease is allowed to progress without taking the right therapy, it is possible that very serious and even permanent damage may develop in the organ“.

Long Covid can also occur among younger patients and children who have overcome the disease. “Obviously – continues Rebuzzi – young people respond better than the elderly to the damage of Covid infection. However, they too can be subject to Long Covid, albeit with less serious damage. Long Covid can also lead to the onset of late and persistent symptoms for several months in children and adolescents.“.

Omicron, what tests to do after infection

Rebuzzi recommends a cardiological visit to check the state of the heart after a Covid infection. “Anyone infected with Covid must undergo a cardiological examination to ascertain if the virus has compromised the functionality of the heart. In addition to the visit and the electrocardiogram, I think it is important to do an echocardiogram that better assesses the cardiac contractility and the situation of the pericardium.“.

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