Oppo Reno7: after a month it is already on offer


Oppo Reno7: after a month it is already on offer
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Oppo Reno7 is the current medium range of Oppo, launched in China at the end of 2021 and arrived in Italy very recently: about forty days ago. However, and that’s the beauty of the smartphone world, this model is already on offer on Amazon.

This is great news, both for the buyer and for the phone itself, as it is a good model but from uninspiring introductory price: around 330 euros. There are not many, mind you, but they are a little too many for a phone that has more than enough specs for most users, it also takes decent photos, but that’s all 4G. Let this also be clear: you can live even without 5G, but in 2022 the time has already come when a non-5G smartphone must cost much less than a 5G one to stay afloat on the market. Oppo Reno7 it cost as much as the others, now it costs less and it makes a lot more sense.

Oppo Reno7: technical characteristics

If Oppo Reno7 is only 4G it is “guilt“of the chip: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680which is a good processor for most apps (while not lightning-fast) but doesn’t come with the 5G modem.

To support the chip Oppo has put 8 GB of RAM, virtually expandable up to 13 GB by drawing on the slower 128 GB storage memory. For those who use many apps at the same time it can be useful, for the average user 8 GB of RAM they are enough and they advance.

How is the screen more than enough 6.4-inch AMOLED (large, but not very large) with 90 Hz refresh rate (many, but not many). Interesting design choices made by Oppo for this phone, which is a lot light (175 grams) e subtle (7.5 mm), but nevertheless manages to integrate a headphone output that forgives the mono audio.

Given the limited weight and thickness, it is not surprising 4,500 mAh batterynot many, with 33 watt recharge, much more than many top of the range famous Americans or Koreans.

On the side of camerasinstead, we find at the rear a main one from 64 MP, a depth sensor from 2 MP and one microscopic camera 2 MP. The latter is a rarity on smartphones and is also a lot of fun, but honestly the resolution is not very high. The selfie camera is 32 MP.

Oppo Reno7: the Amazon offer

Oppo Reno7 is therefore a phone of interesting mid-rangegood a little for everything and with the big limitation of the 4G connection, quite anachronistic in 2022 and certainly due to the fact that Oppo, due to the continuing chip crisis, was forced to choose the Snapdragon 680 for this model.

The price launch of 329.99 euros, as mentioned, is not very centered: much better to buy Oppo Reno7 on Amazon discount a 279.99 euros (-50 euros, -15%). It is not an exaggerated discount: it is just the right price of this smartphone.

Oppo Reno7 - Version 8/128 GB

Oppo Reno7 – Version 8/128 GB

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