Outriders Worldslayer, let’s find out more about the endgame of the looter shooter expansion


Outriders Worldslayer, let’s find out more about the endgame of the looter shooter expansion
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Several weeks after our Outriders Worldslayer test, we had the opportunity to find out more about the People Can Fly endgame

Just a handful of weeks ago we tried Outriders Worldslayer, the first full-bodied expansion of the looter shooter of People Can Fly. Coming next June 30th, in a day full of releases, the new paid package will bring a new campaign, new zones, new enemies and tons of new loot. Like all the members of the genre, however, the juiciest part for the players is always the one linked to the endgame, the only component that was precluded to us during the last event.

The last one took care of this lack Outriders Broadcast, a streaming event that has finally revealed, albeit broadly, the structure of the Trial of Tarya Gratar. While waiting to be able to intensively test the whole expansion, we try to take stock of the situation on the new Outriders Worldslayer endgame in this preview.

All new, all big

Outriders Worldslayer – Enoch is always suggestive

As already said and repeated Worldslayer is presented in all respects as one real expansion. The planet Enoch is far from being safe and we are with it, which is why we find ourselves catapulted into a new disaster linked to the Anomaly with the consequent need to explore new inaccessible and unknown areas of this hostile Promised Land. Tarya Gratar it would seem to position itself as the last destination of this new journey, a citadel in all respects, which at the end of the new campaign would seem to turn into a hub from which to manage a bit of everything.

Wandering around the level we will find the shopkeepers, access to the old high-grade expeditions, the table for crafting and, of course, the entrance to the final tests of the game. This concept seems to recall in broad terms what has already been done in the original game, with the hub represented by the camp near the Anomaly and with the expeditions that added further lore to the plot carried out in the course of the adventure. To embellish the environment, already suggestive enough, we will also find a variable weatheran element that is always welcome to give that pinch of panache to each of our new returns.

Loot, loot and more loot

Outriders Worldslayer - new loot, we don't need anything else
Outriders Worldslayer – new loot, we don’t need anything else

As obvious as it may seem, it is fair to remember that the Worldslayer endgame will add one to the game inordinate amount of new weapons and equipment sets all recoverable only in the course of the final tests, upon completion of the same and after having faced tons of high-grade enemies. In this respect People Can Fly seems to have spent itself in renewing some mechanics, as in the case of Shadowbeast, or monsters that incorporate some of those already known in the design, but which add to the equation both the characteristic of being able to make themselves invisible, and the even more insidious one of inflicting a “silence” state – similar to the classic “blind” of Final Fantasy – which inhibits the use of skills. Anyone who has played Outriders knows how this malus can be fatal considering the need to spend the skills of each of the four classes just to recover health.

Outriders Worldslayer - will we find out more about Enoch's past?
Outriders Worldslayer – will we find out more about Enoch’s past?

Loot we have said and the loot just does not seem to be missing. Between new specific sets for each of the classes and high-level weapons that can be recovered as loot at the end of the tests, Worldslayer promises to give many hours in search of the best build, also keeping in mind the need to better manage the skill points spent, that even more than in the past are double-bound with the equipment.

Skills and builds

Of course, we have no way of making any kind of judgment as to the best combinations to create fatal builds. But what we could see while watching the broadcast is that Outriders Worldslayer is designed to give the most attentive and passionate players a kind of game within the game. Almost all of the new sets and weapons add totally original perks, which in the case of the Pyromancer are able to generate destructive combinations so as to put the player in a position to better face the new endgame. As if that were not enough, some of the old equipment has also been reworked, so as not to make the hours and effort spent improving your character up to this point in vain.

The structure of the evidence

Outriders Worldslayer - Will the new bosses make us suffer?
Outriders Worldslayer – Will the new bosses make us suffer?

The Outriders Worldslayer streaming event was also useful for better understanding the structure of the evidence same. In addition to the new enemies and the original bosses, even the progression in the course of the activity will be totally the prerogative of the player. In fact, between one room and another it will be possible to identify alternative routes, optional rooms with even more insidious enemies and, we imagine, even small ravines in which to retrieve new and more detailed information on the lore.

Once you get to the boss you will also discover new mechanics, also useful to differentiate the gameplay from the past. This aspect could really represent that added value that deepens the gameplay and that generates that addiction that a pure and simple more of the same would not be able to give.

Outriders Worldslayer - skill combinations look juicy
Outriders Worldslayer – skill combinations look juicy

Once you have completed the various sections of the tests it will be possible to reach the rewards, which will change in type and quality according to the altar that will be decided to redeem. Sort of an alternate version of the previous expedition pods.

Outiriders Worldslayer looks really packed with content. Waiting to try it firsthand, perhaps even through the early access version which gives access to the game two days before its official release. People Can Fly has thought of everyone. In fact, on the market we will find both the complete version, including the original game, and the simple update, so as to satisfy anyone. We can’t wait to launch headlong into the new campaign and trials, curious to discover their depth in view of our final judgment.


  • Lots of meat on the fire
  • The evidence seems well structured
  • The deepening of the builds looks tasty


  • Will he still be able to breach new and old players?
  • We have not yet tested the quality of the endgame firsthand
  • The duration and quality of the new campaign are all to be discovered

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