Palermo navel of Jovanotti’s world: video of the new single shot between alleys and beaches


Palermo navel of Jovanotti’s world: video of the new single shot between alleys and beaches
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Mondello, Albergheria, Ballarò, Danissini, Romagnolo, Bandita, Borgo Vecchio, Zisa, Vucciria, Barcarello and Sferracavallo are just some of the glimpses that have bewitched Jovanotti so much that they pushed him to shoot the video of his latest single, Mediterraneo, in Palermo. “This story in pictures is dedicated to Palermo, the heart of our sea, and to the people of him” writes Lorenzo Cherubini on Instagram.

The video is made by the Palermo photographer Francesco Faraci. A black and white tale that keeps a contemporary and urban pace, in search of rebirth. Because it is precisely the word “reborn” that opens the refrain of this song that Jovanotti aims. A piece at times house (which at the end looks like a Salento taranta) which, precisely in Palermo, the cradle of the Mediterranean, finds its maximum expression. And so sheets spread on the balconies of the alleys of the historic center, old men on the street playing broomsticks, while the children play football in front of the house. And then again stigghiole, meusa, panelle and all that this city can tell. Among the faces also rapper Christian Picciotto.

The official video of Jovanotti on Youtube

Jovanotti, who has always been in love with Palermo, did not think twice and gave Faraci the production of the video of the song that will be the soundtrack for this year’s “Jova Beach Party”, now in its second edition after the success of 2019, which will see him engaged on the beaches all over Italy as both a singer and a DJ. “The idea started when the song came out – he tells PalermoToday the photographer -. I was struck by the song, I felt it was mine, I felt it was suitable, indeed very suitable for Palermo. Speaking with Jovanotti, who is first of all a friend, the idea of ​​this video came out that I had imagined just like that “.

No preset sets for production. “I didn’t prepare anything – he explains -. Together with Andrea Negroni, I went around the city. We worked as if we had to take photographs. We recorded between Easter and May 1st, the sunny days were splendid and made everything easier. We went around Palermo to resume everyday life. Here things happen regardless of whether you photograph them: the only merit you can recognize is that of knowing how to capture them and then immortalize them. Palermo is a great natural set in the sky open”.

For Faraci this is the first video experience. “With Lorenzo we immediately said that this song should be accompanied by a similar video and not the usual video with the set – he continues -. We therefore tried to grasp the meaning of the song, of the words that all have to do with the Mediterranean. There was no strategy. One day he said to me “Do you want to do it? If you want to do it, do it, the song is yours.” We have a lot in common, we share films and suggestions, there is no need for him to propose, we manage to meet in a natural way. He was not here in Palermo, but in Cortona where he lives. So I went to him for three days to do the filming “.

Once the video was edited it was immediately transmitted to Jovanotti. “When he saw him he told me that he was moved-he still explains to PalermoToday -. Despite having shot and edited it, once finished he excited me too much, but not for vainglory, but for how incredible this city can be. I have already collaborated with Achille Lauro and Alessandro Cattelan, made the book of the Jova Beach Party and I’m working on a great book about Palermo. She is my magical girl. ”

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