Paola Barale disappeared from circulation: what happened to her is really absurd


Paola Barale herself has decided to talk about a really cryptic situation, her departure from television hides a really strange background.

She was one of the most loved and followed faces on television in the nineties, Paola Barale started her career in show business as a Madonna impersonator, in fact the resemblance to the well-known pop star was incredible.

Later he found great fame alongside one of the men who made the history of television in our country, Paola was the little valley of Turn the wheel together with the legendary and immensely late Mike Buongiorno.

There are many anecdotes that Barale has told over time about Mike, a truly unique character, working with him certainly gave her an incredible training, which over time she brought with her growing up and building a stellar career.

In fact, it is impossible not to remember her in the years when she was at the helm of successful programs such as Happy Sunday, his verve, his determination and that undoubtedly strong character that have always led her to be the center of media attention, much loved but also much criticized.

In addition to work Paola has often had her eyes on her also for his private life, the story with the former dancer and today columnist of Men and Women, Gianni Sperti, had made a lot of talk, the two had started a beautiful relationship from the front page of all the gossip tabloids, but at a certain point something went wrong and they definitively separated.

Even today, many are wondering what was the reason for this abrupt end, but apart from a few statements made by the two, very little is known. He later embarked on another important relationship that raised a real media fuss, the one with model and actor Raz Degan, at the time seemed like a fairytale couplebeautiful, ready to want to savor life day after day so as to leave everything and decide to travel the world.

Their photos together made a sensation, sometimes even too hot, so much so that the most bigoted had already pointed to Barale as a not very respectable womanbut you know, in Italy a woman still does not have the right to her body and her choices.

Paola Barale

In any case, even this relationship at a certain point was wrecked, it seems from some rumors that the model has betrayed the famous presenter leading to a disastrous separation between the two, but at that time Paola had already distanced herself from the world of television.

Paola Barale has disappeared from television, why? A particular truth arises

In recent years we have seen Paola Barale less and less on our screens, in addition to some guests she has no longer exposed herself to the small screen, instead she has preferred to undertake the theatrical path, even if in the last two years it has been abruptly interrupted by the Pandemic, but with the 2022 is back on the most prestigious stages in Italy with the show If you have to tell a lie, say it bigwith Antonio Catania, Gianluca Ramazzotti and Paola Quattrini.

But why is there no more space on the small screen for Paola?

Paola Barale

It is the same showgirl and actress to give some information, during an interview with ‘Belve’ Paola spoke of a ‘block’ on the topic of television, “A block! Sin is said not the sinner, it is a block: on a political level, no… there are characters… ”.

The words of the barale appear a bit cryptic, as if it did not mean everything, in short, something has happened and a particular truth begins to emerge that maybe later on it will want to tell us better.

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