Paolo Fox horoscope today, Tuesday 26 July 2022: the ranking of signs from 12th to 1st place


Paolo Fox horoscope today, Tuesday 26 July 2022: the ranking of signs from 12th to 1st place
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The ranking of the zodiac signs of the day of Tuesday 26 July 2022, here are the favorites of the stars

In this article you can consult the ranking signs zodiac signs of the day today, Tuesday 26 July 2022, based on the forecasts of thePaolo Fox’s horoscope (freely drawn in turn from app Astri by Paolo Fox): which will be the best and which will be the worst in the next few hours? On CentroMeteoItalianoalso find the complete previews of Paolo Fox and of Branko, sign by sign, for 7/26/2022 (regarding all signs). Evil Libra and Aquarius, on the podium Taurus, Scorpio and …

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Tuesday 26 July 2022: from twelfth to ninth place

Twelfth and last place for one Weight scale grappling with various problems, complicating matters is the fact that you are giving them more importance than they really are. Pay attention to the details and do not take it out on your loved ones, maybe they have nothing to do with it and they will find themselves in bad situations. At the same time, stay away from those who want to dump all their problems on you! Eleventh place for theAcquarium groping between existential questions and fear of an operation (be it surgical or financial). If in the medical field you are in the hands of doctors, in the economic field you may have to discuss a fee or struggle to find an agreement. Don’t give up right now! In tenth position we find the Fish: Mercury tries to mock you but also to make you understand that you need to be more open and understanding with those around you. Also try to go beyond your thoughts, sometimes a little too limiting even if you are faced with a reality that proves the opposite! Ninth place for theAries: there are those who are starting a specialized training or are doing a temporary job, we must remain strong and determined without giving in to discouragement if things do not go as hoped at the beginning. Watch out for even a small health problem, don’t get too tired!

Paolo Fox Horoscope Ranking today, Tuesday 26 July 2022: from eighth to fifth place

Eighth place for i Twins, a little worried about one of the parents or a child: maybe there is nothing serious but something torments you, try to understand what is wrong in order to (possibly) face it and live better. You are also figuring out how to solve a financial problem. In seventh position is the Virgin: Mercury will accentuate your mental agility and your power at work but, at the same time, it risks amplifying your critical sense. You may notice all the faults of someone or something, even if you are on vacation… Try to relax! Sixth place for the Sagittarius, also at the mercy of worries that come and go. There are details that really make you lose your mind, try to think carefully before acting and listen to the advice of trusted people. One thing at a time you will put everything in place, do not worry! In fifth place is the Capricorn who now has a renewed energy and would like to use it to move, travel, visit places of history etc. If you can’t go on vacation, you could take an internship or training course to update your curriculum. KEEP READING…

Paolo Fox Horoscope Ranking today, Tuesday 26 July 2022: from fourth to first place

Fourth place for the Cancer: your interests are increasing as well as the sense of protection of your loved ones. And speaking of which, some might be worried about a person who is not doing very well. Spend time with him / her and you will calm yourself down. In third position here is the Bull who, thanks to favorable Mercury, will be able to give good advice and reassure loved ones. Among other things, perhaps a child, has a problem for which you have a ready solution (or some worrying questions). Are you sure, however, he will want it? Second place for one Scorpio, now favored by Mercury but above all by its sense of realism and anticipation: the time has come for one of your projects to be examined and verified. If you have worked well you have nothing to fear, do not be pessimistic! The best sign of the day is a Leo hyper witty, careful and analytical, characteristics that will lead to the best closing of a deal. If you want to achieve something, the way you present yourself will be fundamental, you will be even more successful in the second half of the year!

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