Pasta stored for too long, risk of bacteria, a health problem


Pasta stored for too long, risk of bacteria, a health problem
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We must be careful about the conservation of the pasta, if kept too long, this can give life to bacteria that are dangerous for health.

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Pasta, the great love of Italians, has pros and cons. We all know the cons, they are carbohydrates, so it helps to increase weight, along with all the condiments that we accompany. However, its benefits are also numerous. The consumption of pasta, in the right quantities, involves a lot of energy for our body, and we just can’t eliminate it from the diet.

Moreover, there are some pasta many varieties, each of which has its own properties and nutrients. Spelled pasta, for example, is lighter, and in fact many buy it to maintain a healthy weight, since it is made with whole wheat flour. In addition, spelled pasta has more vitamins, minerals and fibers than traditional pasta.

Preservation of pasta and rice, watch out for bacteria

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Given the high concentration of gluten, however, this pasta is a problem for celiacs. Rice noodles, for these people, are probably the most suitable. The classic oriental noodles, the Chinese ones, made with rice starch and rice flour. However, even this type of pasta has a good caloric consistency.

The fact is that pasta, of any type and kind and shape, is an incredible goodness. But this food also has its shelf life. And it’s not about the expiration date on the package, but something else. As with meat or rice, pasta must also be consumed in a short time, once cooked.

The cold pasta, that of the day after, has a unique taste. However, care must be taken. If you leave it for too many days in the fridge, or in the microwave, it could cause serious health problems. Especially in the summer, where we cook large portions, rice salads and large pasta dishes to eat all week.

The bacterium responsible for food poisoning

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For what reason? For the bacillus cereus, a bacterium that lurks in all improperly stored foods. This bacterium can transmit food poisoning and cause a series of serious problems. The bacterium has an elongated shape, looks like a stick, and is commonly found in the air, dust, and soil.

It is the main source of food poisoning in man. Its toxins cause multiple damage to our body, generating nausea and vomiting, which arise from one to six hours after ingesting the meal. Or colic and diarrhea, symptoms that arise even several hours after eating the meal, even the following day.

Among the foods most frequently involved in bacillus cereus outbreaks we find, in addition to pasta, also cereals, meat, vegetables, puddings and dairy products. The food that causes this infection the most? Rice.

Leaving the rice, once cooked, for more than two days is a serious mistake, especially if kept at room temperature. Our body, of course, knows how to deal with the situation, and at most we feel bad for a couple of days, and then recover strength thanks to the antibodies. But it is always good to be careful, especially if we have more fragile subjects at home.

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