Peppino Di Capri: “Mina and I are eighteen every night out and about in a pink Lambretta”


Peppino Di Capri: “Mina and I are eighteen every night out and about in a pink Lambretta”
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from Giovanna Cavalli

The singer-songwriter: «The tour with the Beatles? They did not speak to me ». Champagne: «I will have sung it 5 thousand times, if I don’t perform it, the revolt breaks out. Everyone uses it in weddings, but I wonder: have they ever read the text? It is not so suitable … “

Ischia, summer 1959. “Me and Mina, who was still called Baby Gateevery night we sang in two rival clubs, a hundred meters from each other, I al Rangio Felloneshe al Moorish. And when we finished, around three in the morning, I would come and pick her up with mine Pink Lambretta salmon – I bought it gray, then I had it repainted by a friend of the coachbuilder – and together we went to wake up some fishermen to have us prepare a plate of spaghetti: who opened us, who sent us to that country. We were eighteen year olds and carefreeshe is very nice and, if I can afford, a hottie who stood out “, she says better than an illustrated postcard Peppino Di Capri (born Giuseppe Faiella «Until my first record company asked me:“ How do they call you at home? ”. “Peppino”. “And where are you from?”. “Of Capri”. “Here, from today you are Peppino Di Capri” “), 519 songs, 35 million records sold15 Sanremo, 2 victories and 83 stalwart years to be accomplished on July 27 and inevitably watered with a «waiter, Champagne».

In 1943, at the age of four, Peppiniello was playing for American troops.

“Grandfather was a musician in the village band, Papa Bernardo had an instrument shop, we were poor, I didn’t own toys, just someone used that the neighbors gave me for Christmas – what a disappointment when I put a wooden fighter-bomber in the water of the tub and sank immediately – my only entertainment was an out of tune piano, I learned by myself to strum the tunes I heard on the radio and every weekend my sister Margherita, three years older than me, accompanied me to the Morgano Tiberio hotel, where General Mark Clark was staying ” .

Did they give you pocket money?

«On the floor there was a silver plate for offerings, they put the Am-lire, square banknotes. Back home, I emptied my pockets and went to bed. And in the morning, to keep me awake at school, my mother would prepare me a lot of eggnog ».

The piano teacher chased her away.

‘Elizabeth Rudolf, German, very strict. She had discovered that when I was seven at night I went around the nightclubs, she sent me away cursing. “

In 1956 he participated in a singing competition on TV with Enzo Tortora.

«“ First applause ”, a kind of talent of the time, broadcast on the only Rai channel. I was imitating Johnny Ray, a singer from the 1950s who cried and tore his hair. ‘

Yes, her hair, a wavy hood, as unmistakable as the goggles.

“Indomitable. I was three years old and the neighbor, Signora Trieste, had become obsessed, she necessarily wanted to make my curls with a hot iron, I got angry because then the friends made fun of me. In the seventies, on the other hand, as they were fashionable, I had them curled myself ».

A television won that contest.

«One in two, me and the drummer Ettore Falconieri known as Bebè. They couldn’t cut it in half, so we decided to sell it for 52,000 lire ».

Autumn 1958, Peppino and his Capri Boys go up to Milan in search of glory.

«With the saxophonist’s beige Fiat 1100. Without highways, an interminable journey, we arrived after days, tanned like Totò and Peppino. We did about ten auditions for Carish, singing Sickness, It is not a sin, then they told us: “We will let you know”, a classic. I was convinced that they would never call us again ».


«Back in Rome, every morning I went to the record store, with the collar of my duffle coat turned up so as not to be recognized, asking if by chance they were selling the Peppino Di Capri ellepi. “No, who is?”. Until one day the clerk exclaimed: “You too? Today everyone wants the 33rpm of this Di Capri, it’s a mania! ”».

What a bad night, with Aristotle Onassis.

«I used to play at Number Two in Capri. This creepy guy, dressed in dark, stood at the tail of the piano all evening and stared at me behind his black goggles, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to my uncle Ciro who was a barman. “Zi ‘Cirù, take this pacifier out of front of me
, this owl “. She dropped a scoppola on my neck. “Ring and shut up, he has already ordered six bottles of champagne.” I discovered later that Maria Callas, Ranieri and Grace of Monaco were also at the table ».

In ’61 Italy danced with “Let’s twist again”.

“Still my best-selling single, 1,200,000 copies, apart from the fake ones. It was a cover of Chubby Checker, the score was sent to me by Gerry of the Brutos, from Paris. “Here it goes very fast”. A week later every Milan printing house was recording my record. They invited me to sing it at “Studio Uno ”
on Rai. The dancers wore fishnet stockings for the first time, at 5 pm the green light of the censorship had not yet arrived, it was panic ».

A year later he sang: “In St. Tropez, the moon wakes up with you.”

«That I had never set foot there. I went there some time later with Gino Paoli, it was winter, all closed, a sadness. The mayor gave me the keys to the city, thanks to me the tourists had tripled. The girl who danced the twist on the cover was an unknown Raffaella Carrà ».

In 1965 he opened the Italian concerts of the Beatles.

«They never spoke to us for the whole tour, the maximum of the concession was a photo together, albeit a little annoyed. We slept in the same hotel, they had requisitioned an entire floor and we, from our room, watched them swim in the pool ».

For three years in 1967 he stopped singing and retired to Capri.

«I was convinced that my career was over. I became a radio amateur, codenamed Labrador. Not like the dog, like the black and silver marble I had in the living room. Then one day, listening to Georges Moustaki, I said to myself: what am I doing here? And I went back to Rome, second class train. I knocked on the doors of the nightclubs, Fred Bongusto was going strong, with whom I had made a pact: we never go under a certain cachet. I proposed. They replied: “It costs too much, he is asking for thirty percent less than you.” Smart. So I lowered my salary and got back into the business ».

Great. In 1973 she won Sanremo with “A great love and nothing more” (“Me and you, our races down there”), text by Califano.

“”Aho, I go to sleep at five in the morning, nun me annoyed, I leave you er fojo under the door“He ordered us. Claudio Mattone, his friend, replied with a note: “It sucks, rewrite it”. Eventually he found the right words. “Guys, it’s perfect, you can’t change a comma” I announced ».

Same year, «Champagne».

«At Canzonissima, I finished fifth out of nine in the final, the Cinquetti won, a disaster. I had spent the night filling out the voting cards, without even eating, spending a fortune, but there was no competition, the good Mino Reitano received tons of it. My aunt played the lottery for the votes on the jury palettes and sent her daughter to the bookshop. But that one went off to dance, the numbers came out all five, the aunt won nothing and gave her a lot of blows ».

How many times has he sung it, has he not counted?

«At least five thousand, only in concerts, next year he will be 50 years old. If I don’t do it, there is a revolt. Everyone uses it at weddings, for cutting the cake, but did they listen to the text well? “To toast a meeting, with you, which you already belonged to another …”. It doesn’t seem so suitable to me ».

Eduardo De Filippo advised her to change jobs.

«Hotel in Naples, sunset, I enter, he is in an armchair reading the newspaper, glasses on the tip of his nose. “Guagliò, arapete ‘nu restaurant!“. Open a restaurant. He doesn’t like the way I sing, I assumed. “Remember that people will always have to eat,” she added. After six years I cross it again, same hotel, same armchair, same pose. “Guagliò, t’aje araputo ‘or restaurant?“. The doubt that he did not like it remained with me ».

If so, could he cook?

“No. With my first wife Roberta we used to prepare cakes, which we put to cool on the windowsill, finding them full of ants ».

That of “Roberta, forgive me, come back to me again”?

“In reality, when I wrote it we got along with love and agreement, he didn’t have to forgive me anything, but in the text it sounded good”.

Totò submitted one of his compositions to her.

“He handed me the score, I started playing, the piece wasn’t much, I didn’t know how to tell him. “Prince, it’s not Bad luck“I ventured. “Oh my God!” he replied, moving just like in the movies. Meanwhile Roberta was laughing like crazy ».

He had met her in Ischia.

“She was beautiful, mannequin, I noticed the red skirt, she danced with William Holden. I paid her a compliment. The next morning I found her in front of the nightclub, holding a leopard cub in her arms, I thought she was crazy. I saw her again the following winter, she left me a note on the keyboard, with her phone number. ‘

Was it taken those hours spent on the stairs in the square to learn the techniques of conquest from the Capri playboys?

«Not at all, as a playboy I was a disaster, results below zero. Once with a friend we picked up two beautiful Swedish sisters. We took them on a tour of Capri, we tried in every way, nothing ».

Giuliana’s father, his second wife, who passed away three years ago, didn’t really consider her a handsome one.

“He told her: “Chist s’ bit you hear ‘but nun if you see’“. She died, she never knew I married her. ‘

His lamé jackets are memorable.

“A Florentine tailor made them for me with fabrics imported from China. I had one decorated with golden branches, birds and butterflies, on a black background, I was very keen on it, I had placed it on the chair, I got distracted to sign an autograph – I was in Maranello – and when I turned around it wasn’t there more, how sorry I am ».

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